Always, I believe in nature is a big mentor. It reveals the basic essence of life. Here, I am going to tell you a story regarding “COMPARISION”. From childhood to old age everyone use to compare themselves to others and try to make an effort to achieve or deprive something. In this process they will loss being themselves. Which is utmost significant aspect of day mother nature awaken me with a thought, when I was going around our garden, I found two trees one is gooseberry and one jackfruit both are bearing fruits on their trunk but the size and taste are completely different and can’t even compare. Both are having their own importance, one is sore and one is sweet. How can we compare two beautiful and different ones on same basis? Then I got to know, every individual is different with unique abilities and qualities we should not compare any one with another. Every living being in nature absolutely beautiful and different with its own specialties. We should live to serve the purpose of our lives not to live like a copycat are a follower of someone. Be the real one and make your own path to achieve the best out of you.

At the end of the day what you are is real and eternal.