RAHUL (in anger): Get away from here. Keep out of my line of sight, and sure, carry your kid. Leave right away.

A married woman named Neha resided in a remote community where she had to deal with the unpleasant facts of life. She was evicted from her husband’s home due to a mental disorder, which left her broken and shattered. She took her infant daughter back to her mother’s house in search of comfort, looking for affection and encouragement from her family.

NEHA (in tears): How did this happen? I had assumed that being married would make me happy, unfortunately, my condition ended up costing me everything. When she saw her mum. All of a sudden, everything ended, maa…maa (crying). Now that I’ve tried everything, trying to win his favor is pointless. Maa, he abandoned me.

Her sickness begins to worsen as a result of the stress. She initially begins to forget everything, yet the condition becomes gradually worse. It got so bad that she now spends days and nights impatiently awaiting her husband to come home at the front door. Even now, she struggles to adequately care for her child. However, Neha’s siblings and brothers are upset with her state and intend to kick her out of the family. They continuously stating Neha’s mother that Neha must leave the residence as quickly as possible or that they must both quit the house.

NEHA’S MOTHER (frustrated): We are unsure of how to manage your illness, Neha. It’s getting a bit a lot for us to handle.

NEHA (pleadingly): I really need your affection and assistance right now, Maa. Please, be persistent with me.

Neha’s hopes, however, were once more dashed. Unable to understand her health issues, her maternal family disassociated themselves from her challenges. Her sadness grew as she encountered criticism and solitude in a place of understanding. She fought her problems on her own since she had no place else for refuge and was compelled to give her daughter an improved future.

NEHA (in whispering tone): I feel so isolated and entrapped inside of my own thoughts. What will occur to my infant daughter if I can’t escape?

Every day that passed brought more sorrow and suffering for Neha. Her cries for sympathy and assistance went unanswered. She craved for kindness and understanding, but her family’s disregard made her feel alone. She waged a lonesome struggle as the emotional wellness was failing, holding onto the dream of a better future for her priceless daughter. On a crucial day, tragedy struck when Neha’s struggle came to an untimely end.

DOCTOR (in regretting tone): We apologize unfortunately we were unable to save her. Her battle with a mental disorder cost her dearly.

What could possibly befall her child? Will she have a bright future ahead of her? Or will she still be plagued by this grim destiny like a shadow?