She never intended this to happen. It wasn’t what she expected at all. Sitting on the floor, she watches the only person she ever really loved, leaving. A voice within her tells her that it is not her fault, but in her heart she knows, she knows that it’s she who should be blamed. It is all her fault. She cannot let this happen. She has to do something. It’s true what they say, some powers come at great prices, some powers really are a curse.

April was almost 15 when she realized her power. It wasn’t anything ordinary. She always wished to be different, to be extraordinary and she was. Whenever she held hands with someone, she could read them, it was like hearing their voice in her mind. Everything they thought was in her mind but only until they held hands. She never told anyone about her power. It was very weird and confusing for a teen. She had her friends but how long would they be with her, they didn’t know everything about her. She felt kind of inferior when she was with them, she had to pretend to be someone she was not. She found comfort only in one person- Ryan. After her parents died she never really believed she could be happy but meeting Ryan was like the answers to all her questions. Ryan loved her, cared for her and was everything she could ask for. By the time she was 19, they were living together.

Well her power didn’t pay her bills so she had to do some job. She worked as a receptionist at a big company, the same company Ryan worked as the head of the marketing team. Everything was well she thought. One fine day she and her friends decided to go on a girls night. They all would meet at the central mall and then head to Sophie’s apartment for the night stay.

That night, the night was when April told them about her power. She wasn’t drunk but sure was a bit tipsy. She really wanted to tell someone except Ryan, so she vomited it out, telling everything to her friends. Of course they didn’t believe her and so she showed them. One by one she held each of her friends hands and read their mind. One hour later they all sit looking at April like she was so kind of alien. “You should do something with your power!” Sophie exclaimed. “Yes yes you definitely should!” Said Sara. “What a waste April, I wish I had that power, I would do so much, I would start a business… ” Ria says. April never thought of that, of earning through her power. She always thought it was a waste and useless. Maybe she wasn’t thinking right after all she wasn’t in the correct state of thinking or maybe she is finally thinking right. How long is she going to be a receptionist. How long will she have to depend on Ryan for some bigger financial decision. She had power, she had will, she could do great things, earn a great amount of money and so much more. She was given that power to do something rather than simply die with it.

Next day while having coffee, she told Ryan. “It’s so simple Ryan, I will just hold their hands and tell them what they are thinking, even if I charge 5 dollars per person, I can still earn more than what I now earn now.” she said. “But April, I don’t like this idea, I mean why, why choose the wrong way, you have a great job, why risk it.” Ryan says. “Are you jealous? ” she asks. “What?! ” Ryan exclaims. ” Yes, you’re jealous of me, that I have power, that I can earn that you do. You’re just jealous. April says. “I… I cannot even hear you right now. I just… Leave it” Saying this he leaves the house. “One day I will host huge shows and you will see how right I was” April shouts as he leaves.

Well she wasn’t wrong. A month later sits a chair placed on a small stage, an empty chair sits in front of her. There was a crowd, not a huge one but there were at least 40 people. It was good, she felt happy from within. She never thought she could do this.

That was all that took her to convince Ryan. He wasn’t happy but he was okay with it now. He also got them a reservation at one of the best restaurants to celebrate. “So we didn’t get that reservation today, seems like they have a lot of customers today… But we did get it for tomorrow! So tomorrow we’re going to Lasco’s at 7 pm.” Rayn says. April couldn’t control her happiness, it was like she was on the 9th cloud. This was everything that she once wished for, she felt strong and yet overwhelmed by Ryan. She jumped on Ryan and hugged him tightly. A tear rolled down from her eye. “Don’t mess this up April, I do not like what you are doing but I believe in you, I trust you.” Ryan whispered in her ear. April nods unable to find words.

An unknown number pops up on her phone as she was making coffee the next day. “I want you to do a show for me… Tonight!” Said the other voice. April was in a state of shock. She still couldn’t believe Catherine Renalds was calling her. The Catherine Renalds. She was one of the best actors and holds millions of awards for her amazing acting. But as time grew old so did she, and now she holds stage shows and fashion exhibitions. April left her coffee at that moment itself and rushed out of the house to meet her up in a hurry. So much hurry that she even forgot to mention this to Ryan. “A million Dollars, not a penny less not a penny more. You will host a show for me tonight at 6pm and it may last till midnight.” Catherine says to April. Now who would say no to a million dollars. While she hosted the show that night, Ryan waited and waited, alone at _ in hopes that she might come and she might have a reason. It wasn’t the first time that she had left Ryan sitting alone somewhere, she had done it before.

While everyone clapped for her, April was having a moment. A moment of pride, of greed, of superiority. She didn’t even find it relevant to apologize to Ryan. She was not the old April anymore. She was so much more than that. She had a new lifestyle altogether. New clothes, rich friends, late nights parties, and so on. She didn’t even remember any birthdays any or anything. It was just her and her new lifestyle. Ryan longed for the moment they talked to each other, they looked at each other or even held hands.

This time Ryan has had enough of this. April did forget their 5 year anniversary which was never the case. How could she. And what she had done in return was leave some cash, to buy himself something as an anniversary gift from herself.

“What do you think April, I want your money? Never, Never, I wanted you, always. I wanted to spend time with you not your money, you would know this only if you had looked at me once or… Or held my hands instead of the entire world’s.” Rayn says as a tear rolls down his eye. “What are you even talking about, stop being so sentimental all the time” April says. She wants to believe it’s not her fault, but she knows she’s done wrong. “Oh April how you can read what’s in the minds of all the people out there, but fail to know what your loved ones really want.” Ryan says as he leaves the room. That was the point, that was the moment she realized she had made a mess, a big one. she saw herself as what she had become, a materialistic and greedy person who forgot what truly mattered. The scale of what she had done and her actions overwhelmed her and she felt a strange feeling, feeling of regret. How could such an incredible gift make her a self centered person. She had to do something and she will. She will not let the only person she loves, leave like this, whatever it takes. She was determined to make everything right now. She stands up with a tear from her cheeks and runs after Ryan.

If anyone had seen April two years from that incident, they would never recognize her. She shut down her business completely and restarted as the receptionist as the same firm. She went on a journey of self improvement but not alone, with Ryan. well she did read people’s mind, she couldn’t just get that power out of her system. but she only read their mind with an intention to help them. So it really was a happy ending after all.