Here is a story of a child named Keshavi , a four year old girl who was suffering from a cardiac problem since her childhood, which parents hoped that it would be resolved by drinking her mother’s milk, but that did not happen. Her parents searched everyday for a right hospital even burning midnight oil for the right treatment . Every hospital they visited was charging them at least 5 lakhs for the surgery, being a below middle class family the parents couldn’t afford the cost and started searching for hospitals which they could afford . But even that trails failed because the government hospitals and other private hospitals had no good facilities and doctors. Keshavi’s parents started getting tensed as no one from the family and friends were coming forward to help them financially and soon they made up their minds saying that they are soon going to loose their child . There was none of the gods left to whom parents prayed for. One day when a police officer named Ravi was contacted for an enquiry of the robbery which took place the previous day at the locality Keshavi and her parents were living , he saw Keshavi’s mom holding the child in her arms with a small cloth over the head and begging people for the money for Keshavi’s surgery. Mr Ravi , though he was under pressure form the department about the enquiry about the robbery , took time to understand what was the cause of pain of Keshavi’s family. After coming to know the problem , Mr Ravi adviced the parents to visit a hospital which was owned by one of his sons. He also promised them saying that they don’t have to pay even a penny for the surgery of the child at the hospital, further medical expenses and the facilities at the hospital is very well maintained . Keshavi’s mom and dad felt very happy at the moment and thanked Mr Ravi for such a great favour. Mr Ravi told his son about the case and made all the arrangements for the surgery. After a few days of surgery’s success , Keshavi came back to her happy lifestyle and her parents were out from a red light of danger. One fine day when Mr Ravi and his doctor son came home to visit Keshavi , the parents asked him why did Mr Ravi help them in such a great trouble even without knowing them before nor taking time to know whether the problem was true or not , then Mr Ravi told them that he was in the same situation like they were when Mr Ravi’s son , the doctor was suffering from same cardiac problem .

This is how people get connected to the problems faced by many children when they are detailedly and honestly told about the issue