That was a bad day for our Mr. Lion King. During his run after to catch a squirrel, he sprang into a tiny bush where got stuck and came out injured with a large thorn in his feet.

He sobbed and shouted for help. He put his best efforts to pull out the thorn. He twisted his feet, tried to pull out the thorn with his teeth, etc. but nothing came to rescue.

Then he decided to ask other animals for help. But nobody helped him because they all feared him.

Finally, he sighed and approached the witty fox. The lion asked, “Can you please pull out the thorn. I am anguished with pain.”

The fox answered, “I can ask my tiny friend to help you. But first I have some demands.”

“What demands?” asked the king.

Your highness! You need to allow me to give you six kicks on your back!” the fox said.

The lion roared and replied “You want to kick me? Don’t you know who I am?”

I know! But if you want to remove the thorn then you must allow me or else I am going, goodbye!” said the fox

The lion began to think and decided in his head that he will allow the fox to kick his back and after the thorn is removed he will eat up his little friend. Thus the lion agreed.

The clever fox then started to kick the Lion with his permission, and then he called his little friend.

There came a tiny porcupine. He successfully took out the thorn effortlessly. The pain in the feet of the lion alleviated. But his mind was full of anger, grief, and disappointment as he understood he cannot eat the porcupine with thousands of spikes. Thus at last he thanked the fox and appreciated his intelligence.