Once there was a young girl named Lily who lived in a small town. She loved to play the piano and dreamed of becoming a famous pianist one day. However, her family was very poor, and they could not afford to buy her a piano.

Despite this, Lily was determined to pursue her dream. She would often sneak into the local music store and play the pianos there for hours. The store owner would get angry with her and chase her out, but she would always come back the next day.

One day, a kind man named Mr. Johnson walked into the music store while Lily was playing. He was amazed by her talent and asked her why she wasn’t taking piano lessons. Lily explained that her family could not afford to buy her a piano.

Mr. Johnson felt sorry for Lily and decided to help her. He bought her a piano and paid for her to take lessons with the best piano teacher in town. Lily was overjoyed and worked hard to improve her skills.

Years went by, and Lily became an accomplished pianist. She performed in concerts all over the world and became famous for her beautiful music. She never forgot Mr. Johnson’s kindness and would often visit him to play the piano for him.

One day, Mr. Johnson became very sick. He was bedridden and could not move. Lily came to visit him and played the piano for him. As she played, Mr. Johnson’s face lit up, and he smiled. He passed away that night, but Lily knew that he had died happy.

Lily continued to play the piano and became one of the most famous pianists in the world. She never forgot Mr. Johnson’s kindness and dedicated all of her concerts to him. She knew that without him, she would never have been able to pursue her dream.