The ghostly darkness spread across the town so ghastly that even during the daylight the utter eeriness and stillness gave goosebumps. My friend Animesh and I were childhood friends, we shared many common things like school, college, and political thoughts. Only our profession made both of us part ways but stay connected through texts and Facetime. It was just because of my friendship and loyalty towards Animesh that made me set my life in peril by accepting Animesh’s sister’s marriage invitation and visiting his ghostly native town. Sadly couldn’t make it fast enough, after almost completing all my duties for this country full of unfaithful politicians I boarded the last train to Bishnupur.

The town was so full of ghost stories and encounters with ghosts by merely half the population, that it even gained a place in people’s evening break on the train. Although I never believed in such things, after a day full of hustle and bustle service at the bank made me hear such unbelievable free-of-cost stories that I could bear with. I dozed off when the train reached its destination. After walking past the station I merely noticed the real development that the democratic country had all been talking about. No lights, even one which was visible, appeared to be twinkling dimly better than the view of stars on cloudy nights. After sensing complete darkness and no view of even one street light made me think better why people generally avoided travelling after dawn and spread the abuse to the mere non existing spiritual being. After waiting for about 5 mins in complete darkness, I noticed a rickshaw coming straight up to me and asked,” Will you be going to the marriage ceremony?”. I merely replied, “Yes”, but couldn’t possibly figure out the man’s face in the darkness and decided to pay him a handsome amount even when he just asked me to pay 10 rupees. For a long time, this man was conversing with me in his nosy voice. At first, it all felt right but after completing each statement his laugh made my face wade. I could now possibly figure out his physic, crooked teeth, long nose, and big eyes. I now believed that all the stories were right. The man driving the rickshaw was not a human! The man continued driving, I started sweating, and couldn’t possibly stop him now. The moment he turned towards me, his big seat eyes and face made me sit in silence no longer but scream and jump from the rickshaw. The moment I gained senses I could hear birds chirping and the fading light of day. The man sitting next to me called out loud,” Babu, are you alright. I completely understand why you got scared. Many consider me a ghost just because of my ugly face and laughing out loud.”

Even I burst into laughter on hearing this and the legendary town with its ghost story.