Moral of Innocence

From the day you are born its been taught to be kind, honest and good to people, isn’t it? Every parent in this world expects their child to be the best version of himself, to grow up to be a good person.

Well, this world is being processed as a balance of those  who succeeded to be one or those who failed. maybe you can say that the proportion of who failed is more. Those failures portray their characteristics to be involved in crime, dishonesty, jealousy, materialism, manipulation and many ore things that have the same characteristics. The successful entities are opposite. People tend to be kind, honest and most importantly innocent.

A person has to be a balance of  good and bad i order to survive in the un stoppable cruel world. Bad, to be able to confront the cruel mankind, and good to those whom they love, whom they care about, whom the trust. An innocent person can be easily manipulated. The reason is not that they don’t get it, its that they always see good in people and expect goodness and kindness from them. What could be the reason behind the theory that, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good?

Some facts and even experiences state that bad things happen to good to test their kindness, goodness and innocence, to see that even after things fallen apart, you stick to your dameanour or not.  And those who succeed in this test are the people with no fears and confusions left. They live their life with no dilemmas and a clear vision of life.