A lot can happen over letters.


Ryder just stared at the photograph. If the girl had clicked his photograph in the school parking lot and went to school with him as she claimed, it could mean only one thing.

He had seen her before.

This piqued Ryder’s curiosity. How many times had he passed by this girl in school? Maybe he saw her every day. That got him thinking about all the girls that were in his class. Did she share a class with him? If she knew so much about him, then she would have to observe him for quite a long time and be around him almost all the time.

Ryder wracked his brain for a sign or hint that would direct him to the memory of the said girl. But all he came up with was a blank. He saw so many girls at school every day. How was it possible to find the right girl with just two meagre bits of information?

Ryder was surprised. And amazed.

He was amazed at how oblivious he was. Someone or rather a girl had almost figured him out completely while he had no clue about her existence! Or maybe he did. He just didn’t know her name yet. But he would find out. She had said every letter would contain a confession about herself. So by the last letter he would be able to piece her identity together without a problem. He hoped.

But who could she be? Could it be Carol? No. That was impossible. He was absolutely sure that Carol didn’t know he existed. Even if she did she wouldn’t bother to go to this extent to know him. And as far as Carol was concerned, he knew her life was perfect. Even if it wasn’t perfect it was almost there. She didn’t have problems like this girl mentioned. So he could confidently rule her out of the ‘Who-could-the-girl-be’ list.

He did some more thinking. He thought back to the other girls in his classes. He started with English. He didn’t talk to many people in that class. Just the teacher. Then he stopped short. He did talk to a girl in that class. Well it was not actually talking. She just occasionally asked him for a pencil or paper and would sometimes make polite conversation when their teacher would be absent. Her name was Abigail Parker.  She was actually very few of the normal people that went to East High.  She didn’t seem to mind that he had no friends and was a loner. She greeted and smiled at him whenever they passed by each other besides talking to him during English class. She was pretty too. But then it was highly unlikely for her to send these letters because well, she had a boyfriend. And he loved her very much. He was Adam Gregory, the school’s Drama Club President and everyone knew about their cute love story.

That brought him back to square one though. His letter friend was still a mystery.

But he was sure about one thing at least. He did want to help her. The girl seemed broken. For her to be so desperate for someone to hold on to and trust meant she really was hurting. Today was Graduation and he realized abruptly that by this time this girl was either completely healed by her letter therapy or in the process of being healed.

If her confession was true, she would most definitely be at the Graduation Ceremony. Ryder didn’t waste any more time. He had to finish all ten letter before he reached the ceremony. He placed the first letter and the photograph on his nightstand on the right side of his bed. Then he reached for the second letter and in one swift motion ripped it open. It had the month October 2015 scribbled at the top left corner of the envelope.

This letter was written in a blue sheet of paper. Without further ado, Ryder launched into the letter.