It was a lovely summer evening, Kazuha an ordinary village girl was enjoying the cool breeze outside with her family. She just graduated college a few days ago. Young Kazuha full of dreams and hopes begins to think about what she is going to do next. She thought about her career plans before but right now she is having difficulties in choosing because there are so many. Suddenly her father Yamato noticed that Kazuha seems pretty disturbed, he thought maybe something is really bugging her very much. So, he asked, “What’s wrong Kazuha?” Confused Kazuha replied, “Nothing Dad just thinking about my career”. He said, “Don’t worry champ you’re going to be fine, I think whatever you’d choose you’ll do great at it”. Kazuha says with a bothersome face, “I think you’re just saying all of these to make myself feel better isn’t it Dad?” Yamato chuckles then says with a calm voice, “Listen, sweetheart, I’ve watched you in your whole life you’ve been working so hard and have come this far, there’s no way I don’t know what you’re capable of. I know things are really hard right now but you’re going to overcome it too just like you managed to overcome the others in no time. I know my girl very well. We all passed this phrase & you’ll do it too.” Crying with overjoy Kazuha hugged her Dad tightly and thanked him. After a few weeks, Kazuha was offered a very decent job with a good salary which she had applied in such a short period of time as she possessed very good grades. But the sad news is that she has to move to Tokyo; big cities have always been her least favorite places. Her hometown is her only comfort zone that’s why she has never applied to a different college. She has never been outside her hometown before except when she was little she went to visit her uncle in Okinawa. So, it’s a big deal for her but she knew this day will come when she has to leave her nest and fly away in order to pursue her career and for a better future. Also, her Dad and the whole family have faith in her that’s why she believes she’ll do great, and rest assured she’ll figure the rest of it out with time.