Mira had just completed her schooling from St. Joseph Convent ,scoring 95 percent in her board exam. She was a brilliant student and had a very cheerful nature. Now she was not able to decide what career she should choose. After ruminating several days she thought of doing engineering. Her father supported her decision and soon she was accepted in a very reputed college. She started going to college, she used to miss home but gradually with her friends company she became less homesick.

After a few months the college seniors organized freshers party. At the party everyone was enjoying except Mira who was not comfortable with the party, so she decides to go out to take deep breaths. Actually, Mira was experiencing pain because she had agoraphobia (fear of places and circumstances). But after a while, she returned once more on behalf of her pals. In the party she saw smart, attractive boy with a sparkling smile and while smiling he looked at her, and their eyes met and her body freeze at that every moment.

She left the party and headed towards her dormitory and then she spend her whole night thinking about him. Next day, while leaving for her college she vividly replayed the last night encounter with that boy.

A few weeks later in the college she came across this boy was no other than the senior from the fourth year Sumesh, a brilliant writer, coordinator of literacy club and he was selected in a prestigious university in U.S.A .She was heartbroken since he would only be there for a few more weeks. This thought made her cry. She felt spellbound when she saw him. Every encounter with him was a mesmerizing, which she couldn’t help.

One day, she made the decision to put a stop to the suffering and contacted him. She started  talking about the college, his college life, careers and opportunities she could have in her domain. Suddenly she asked whether it was possible for him to met her once to which he responded he had already left the campus and messaging him was the only way he could be connected to her and he will soon be leaving for the United States. Her eyes were already dripping on the screen as she finished reading the sentence. At that moment she knew that she couldn’t held back this feeling anymore, no matter what happens even if he rejects her she was going to take the risk. She wrote “I know this will feel little awkward to you but I wanted to say this you for the long time. I never dream about someone so much and I think I’ll never… you assume this as childish but the day when I saw in freshers party I felt this strange feeling about you and every encounter with you made. I think I like you….. It’s okay if you can’t reciprocate the same for me. That’s all i wanted to say.”.After writing this she through her phone in the corner and started doing her assignments.

Few hours later when checked her phone she was little afraid but she started crying heavily after reading his message her roommates comforted her, told her that he was senior she didn’t even know him and neither he did. So, she should not cry. They started to read the message it stated ” Thanks Mira.. even I was wondering why you are asking me questions which you could have googled. You statements kept me perplexed throughout our conversation. I am sorry I didn’t felt something like this before. That party night made me dream about you to. I like to know you more.. And I think I like you too. I hope we meet soon.”