“C’mon, we’ll have a blast” said Katy

“No, I won’t, you go” claimed Marvin

The above conversation took place between the siblings of Mrs. And Mr. Davis who were going to see their potential new house that day. Marvin was salty and decided not to go with them as he was not ready to give up his friends and risk moving to a new place, so he went to play baseball with his friends and the rest of the family went ahead with their plans. Their potential new house was in the countryside with a beautiful corn field nearby and fresh countryside air, it was at a drive of approximately two hours from the city but by looking at the view they were ready to make this drive every day.

From the past three months, they had been looking at new houses as they were bored of their old neighborhood which did not have any good amenities, so they decided to shift. This was their fifth or sixth property from their list of shortlisted properties that fit in their budget. They reached the place around noon and saw a dealer waiting for them at the front door who greeted them and took them inside the old place. The house was a typical countryside house, with old doors and a rough basement. Seeing the size of the building they doubted themselves about the price and went to recheck it with the dealer. To their surprise, this property fitted perfectly in their budget leaving a couple thousand bucks for repairs.

On that day nothing weird was observed except a little boy who would not stop stalking them from across the corn field.

“This was a successful trip. Wasn’t it?” asked Mr. Davis

“Indeed” were the remarks from his daughter and wife.

They were still confused about the small price for the large magnitude of the house but kept it aside and went back home. A week later they decided to buy the place and placed the offer with the dealer for a price less than the asked one trying to get a bargain. To their surprise, they even got their offered price with no restraints from the owner. It looked as if the owner was trying to sell the property irrespective.

The contract was signed and they moved in with all their stuff approximately two weeks later. It was tough for Marvin to say goodbye but he had no choice. In the first week, everything was quite hectic, they were moving in properly, opening boxes, arranging stuff and what not led them to sleep late almost every night, there was no time to look at any other stuff. The second week started with the search of a perfect school for Marvin, this search continued for a while and finally they were successful in finding a good school nearby. They had a supermarket close by and every other amenity. This made them really confused that why would a person sell the house with everything perfectly close by. Overall the first two weeks were as perfect as they could be.