Till about 4 in the morning they sat in their cars arguing and discussing ways to get out to a safe location which was a road approximately 500 meters (half a kilometer) below their car but as they were stuck there was nothing they could do except waiting. They all were thankful to God as they were all alive with minor injuries and bruises on their bodies. Since they were hanging on a branch there was nothing they could do.

Everything was not as tough and they although being very scared survived their first day without much problem as they had the resources, but one thing that caused a serious problem was the cold. It was so cold that their water bottles froze leaving them with no water. Moreover, the storm was causing severe problems as the snow covered the whole car from top to bottom, making it practically impossible for any person to even look at the car so the chances of their rescue also reduced.

The next day the storm even became worse, the sun didn’t come out, there was no source of warmth and their metal car just added to their pile of issues. Water was a luxury which none of them could afford unless they risk their lives and try to grab the snow on the car which was in itself a task and none of them had energy. Continuous prayers were made by the family but it looked as if the sky was blocked with too much snow leaving no space for their prayers to reach up. Lack of water and frozen food led to sores in their mouth which resulted in bleeding from their lips. This was the day when Abhay had the meeting for which he hurried his family and ended up in this life – threatening situation risking everybody’s life. He could never forgive himself were the thoughts that came across his mind every single day they were stuck on the branch.

Day 3 was the worst. No food no water and immense cold were a few problems from their list of hardships. They had to defecate in their clothes itself, they were a victim of dehydration, their skins lost all their moisture, they were exposed to a huge risk of hypothermia. But amidst these problems one thing never changed that is the love and respect for each member of the family between them. They came closer and closer every day.

On the next day, it appeared as if their prayers were heard. The snow storm passed, as a result, the sun came out as so did the villagers to enjoy this warm day. To the family’s luck, a small child of a villager saw their car stuck in the branch when they were passing from the road beneath. This led to the gathering of all the villagers and they began their operations to rescue the family. They tied the four with rope and knots with each other and told them to move out of the car. As a result of the movement, the car fell off the branch leaving the family hanging of the rope on the cliff. They were securely brought down and were arranged a ride back home while their car laid at the side of the road signifying the dangers of the mountains.

Everyone started to live a good life from this incident onwards. They respected the nature more than anything and had also developed an unbreakable bond between themselves.