One afternoon, the stalking boy knocked on the front door of the house. He was very well received from Mrs. Davis who also asked her questions about his habit and did he watched other houses as well or was there a special one.

“That is why I have come to you today, I want…..” he stopped in the middle and started looking around

“Yes, keep going there’s nobody except you and me here,” said Mrs. Davis trying to calm down the boy

“I want to tell you the reason I look at your house” claimed the little boy

This statement shook Mrs. Davis from the core, she fell into dilemma, her heart started pounding and sweat appeared all over her face,

“G…G…Go on,” told Mrs. Davis

After looking around the boy finally spoke the words which proved to be a nightmare to Mrs. Davis.

He told her that the open side of their house facing the corn field has a little opening on the corner from which a man goes in and comes out almost every day. The boy was always looking at the man entering and exiting and did not stalk the house. He further told her that before he came in he saw the man entering the house.

There was practically nothing that Mrs. Davis could do. What if the man was a psycho and attacked the both of them or even worse murdered them. She decided to call her husband and wait for him to come back and in the meanwhile, she even informed the police. Since they were living in a countryside both her husband and the police would take around forty minuted to reach and help. Till that time she took the boy out for a long walk and was in constant touch with her husband to know his exact arrival time.

As soon as both of them arrived she led them into the house and straight to the basement. There was nobody to be seen in the basement, just old rotting chairs and wooden shelves. The husband noticed that the quantity of the chairs were less than that at the time of his visit. After searching the place thoroughly the police found a secret room behind the chairs around the corner of the house. They could hear noises coming from inside the house as if someone was trying to move. But the officers were fast enough to break open the small room and grab the man who was trying to escape from the narrow opening but was stuck at the very edge.



After a proper interrogation, it was found that the man was homeless and have been living in the house for quite a long time now. He was slowly taking out all the furniture to sell them and make a living which was the reason of the knocking noises. The couple took a breath of relief and thanked the boy. They repaired the hole in the house and from that day onwards no noise was to be heard.