The ending of week two and the beginning of week three is what marked a weird start. They would notice the same boy they saw the other day to stalk them from the same place almost every day fro hours. But whenever they tried to get near him he ran away. The family made fun of the boy and took this as an act of innocence on the part of the boy. During week three they started hearing weird noises from underneath the floor of their living room. But every time they went down to the basement to check the sounds would immediately stop. This had given some serious problem to the family as the sounds would increase in speed and velocity during the night restraining them to sleep.

One fine Sunday, Mr.Davis decided to take the matter into his own hands and went to the basement in the morning. He stayed there for about four to five hours and returned in the afternoon but did not hear any voice nor did he find anything that could have produced the sounds, there was just old wooden shelves and furniture probably left by the previous owner which was rotting. He blamed the chairs and expressed his idea of rats for the vague noises and went back up to the living room to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

The following days the voices were ignored as they believed their father plus their father has instructed them not to go down to the basement as there was no light arrangement to which the children followed.

One day the mother sat on the floor of the living room and carefully heard the noises by bringing her year close to the floor when everyone was out either at work or school. She was so terrified that she decided to call a priest and have a cleansing of the house. This decision was not at all opposed by the family members as somewhere they all had started believing that the house was haunted. The Exorcist was scheduled for the next week and till that time the family leased an apartment in the city and left their countryside house till the cleanse.

To their surprise when they returned they saw that everything was misplaced from their original place whereas the mother clearly remembers putting everything back to their place before leaving. The television was running as well a the shower was on, it was as if someone was living in their house while they were gone.

After the rearrangement of the house, the priest entered the house and performed a full – fledged cleanse, this inculcated a sense of relief in the hearts of the members that they were no more at danger of the supernatural.

But what happened the night the cleanse was performed was horrific. The noises returned.

What will the family do now? What will be their next move? Did the spirits return or is it something else?

Whatever it was it was successful in terrifying the family so far.