It’s 8 am. It has been a few minutes Anusha has woken up. Today she turns sixty. She starts contemplating how her life has been so far with its blissful joys and terrible hollows. She looks at Siddharth… sleeping peacefully beside her. She still cannot believe it. He is her husband but more importantly her partner and friend for more than thirty-five years.

There were times she had doubted her decision of marrying him. There were times things were rough for them. There were times where Siddharth had failed to understand her. But it was never the case that they had hurt each other so intense as leaving a deep scar. When Anusha had her miscarriage, she went into depression. It was tough for her and for him. But somehow they managed to overcome it…together. And perhaps all of this was possible because they had a deep admiration and respect for each other. There still are things and habits of Siddharth that bug Anusha and she knows there are traits in her that Siddharth finds annoying. But one thing is clear to both of them. They are good human beings with the same ideologies and values in life. There are some common values they hold dear. And they have been honest with each other (as much as possible).

Unlike the romances in movies, she fails to remember vividly the day they met. They were classmates in college which gradually developed into a deep friendship. And somehow, one day she realised she loved him. Siddharth was not so sure at first. But after a while it dawned upon him that he wanted Anusha as his partner for life, his best friend for life. And that is how it has been. No grand romantic proposals or luxurious dates. They were simply two individuals in love , who knew they were compatible for each other, who knew that they wanted to experience life together.

She jolted back to the present with the ringing of the alarm clock.

Siddharth is awake. He says ,”Good morning.” Anusha wishes him back and waits eagerly for her birthday wish. But to her despair, Siddharth freshens up , brushes his teeth, collects the newspaper and starts reading it and discussing the news with Anusha. Anusha knows this is how it is. It annoys her but she knows she has to accept it… Siddharth will remember it not until later when he will come apologising to her for not having wished earlier and then he will make up for it. They will do something Anusha loves like going to the beach or a romantic walk down their favourite path or trying new food and so on.