As a 3 years old toddler, she was always happy with her toys and games.

She was living the best part of her life unaware of what is going to be next.

Finally the day came when she put first step in school. It was a unexpected feeling for her. She was curious yet it was an adventurous phase for her. 

One day a teacher asked the students to tell about their parents.

Turn came of Lily, she started telling about her mother.

“Looks like you’re more attached to your mom. Are you not going to tell us about your daddy?” , asked the teacher.

She stood curious and asked, “Who is a daddy?”.

Everybody laughed at her thinking that she must be kidding. 

On the way back to home, she asked her mom ,” Who is a daddy?”.

“Daddy? Who asked you about this?”asked the worried mom.

Lily told everything that happened with her. The melancholy mother said, ” Daddy is also someone like momma”.

“So where is my daddy?” Asked the little lamb. “You don’t have him”,she murmured.

“Why momma? I’m a good girl so why don’t I have daddy?” said Lily.

“You’re so naughty that’s why he left us”

“But”… Until she complete her sentence they arrived to home. 

“Yeah finally we’re at home”, Lily exulted.

The anguished feeling of hidden story was on her face. 

She was uncomfortable whole night thinking of what she is going to tell her the next. 

Next day, it was lunch break. Anne, friend of Lily asked her, ” So you was kidding yesterday hnmm”. 

“Kidding? What kidding?”, said little Lily.

“About your daddy”. 

“No! I was serious at the time. I don’t know about daddy..and why everyone suddenly asking about daddy”.

“Ask your mom. She must be having knowledge about him”, said Anne.

“Do you know daddy?”, asked Lily.

“Umm yeah! I’m my daddy’s princess”, said Anne.

In the evening, Little Miss asked her mother again about daddy but this time her mom ignored her question.

“Hey am I not audible?”, shouted Lily.

“Baby, please be calm.” 

She took Lily to the terrace. 

“Momma I asked you something and why , why are we going to terrace now?”.

She pointed her finger to the brightest star in the clear sky and said,” Daddy.”

Lily stood quite for minutes and asked,”What?! Why not a human? How can daddy be so far from me? But Anne’s daddy is like us so why not mine .” 

Her curiousity was increasing second by second. 

“Babygirl your daddy was very honest and kind. He is God’s favourite that’s why God called him”, she said with her teary shiny eyes.

“But I love him so why he left me?”.

“He didn’t. See, Anne’s daddy has to go work in different cities so he can’t give her time at night but your daddy loves you the most that’s why He’s always there.”

“Next time whenever somebody asks you about daddy then you’ve to say bravely , I’m not daddy’s princess but for sure I’m my momma’s little warrior.”

She kissed her head and whole night they stayed on the terrace talking with daddy.