It was a cold winter morning in Himalayas. The group of 15 soldiers were climbing up the Himalayas. The temperature had dropped and all they were thinking in there back mind was a cup of hot tea which would give them some kind of relief, but where can it be available in the desolate Himalayas,but to their fortunate they found a tea stall,but unfortunately it was closed.

They cursed their luck. One officer requested the major let’s break the lock there must be some material to prepare tea. The major was baffled. He thought the police is not to loote but protect people, but the temptation of the steaming hot cup was also there. So, he came to a conclusion and said”let’s break the lock but we will keep the money after having the tea”.

To their delight there was sufficient materials to make tea and to add more to the happiness there was also some glucose. After having the tea they left the money and continued their journey.

Three months later,While coming back they saw the same  tea stall again and decided to have tea. There was a old man sitting on the tea stall who welcomed them. The major asked the tea stall owner” How many customers do you get in this deserted place? You are living in such a poverty” He said he have faith in his god. The major again questioned” If god is there then he should took care of you”

The old man said” Saheb,there is god three months ago my son was so sick and i  had no money. When i went to the doctor he neglected me saying I have not money but when I came back to my shop there was money on the shop. God had came he drank the tea and left money for me. You don’t know Saheb ‘bhagwan hai’ ” The major was stunned he eyed the officer saying to keep their mouths shut and said” you are right ‘bhagwan hai’ “