Freedom is illusion. You either choose pleasure… or death. Life for slaves…death for winners. Or a sense of adventure in the worst case.


A frog, sitting on the wall, was staring inside the well. He was observing sharply the water and the possibility of food inside. There were water insects and a few spiders hanging from the wall quite close to the water level. He could easily feed upon them. But there was something that surprised him- the continuous waves in the water.
A series of waves were rising repeatedly, striking the walls and disappearing; then again from the other side, one more series of similar water waves.
That was weird, the frog thought. What the hell were the waves trying to do! A hypothetical thought struck his mind that they wanted to be free from the prison of the well.
But why? Why would they want to be free when they are safe and secure inside?
Suppose if this water leaks outside, it will be evaporated or cantaminated or used by humans or any other animal. It will loose its persona. So why would water want to be free feom well?
But he thought again, does water own an identity of its own confined in these walls? No, it is a part of the well, it is known as a well.
It can fly high in the sky if it gets evaporated and then it will be known as Water Vapour. If it gets contaminated, it will be known as ‘dirty water’. But it will be water forever. It will meet its true potential outside. May be that’s why it wants to be free.
That is why it is repeatedly striking the walls.
The frog looked around himself, well on one side and forest on the other. Should he sacrifice his freedom for his safety. The forest will give him his identity but there are numerous predators outside; what use is identity without life! But what use is life without freedom?
He jumped… and landed on the soil to meet his ultimate fate- A free death.”