Devi Sharma was her name, she was the second child and she had one elder sister, Divya. Devi was very cute and innocent as a child and turned very beautiful when she grew up. She belonged to an upper middle-class family. She and her sister were put in the best school in the town, her father was a reputed engineer, she lived with her parents in a beautiful and huge bungalow. She had the best of outfits, and she could afford to visit various exotic locations as a part of his father’s monthly holiday trips. Yet, Devi was never happy.

Yet, Devi was not happy, why? Was she a greedy girl? No! Had she a bad Character? No! Was she ugly? No! Was she jealous? No! then why was she not happy? It was because Devi had no freedom, everything for her was decided by her parents, her clothes, footwear, even the profile picture on her social site accounts, her friends, the way she should speak, sit etc., and everything was coaxed on her rigidly which made her very depressed.

But, in vain, her parents never understood her plight, they continued coaxing because they thought that they could only decide the right and best for her, and her choice would lead them to shame in the society.

On the other hand, her sister Divya was very happy, because her parents gave her more love, affection, and support since she was ugly, she blackmailed them every time crying, describing her parents about the attitude of the society towards her ugliness and got whatever she wanted, Devi couldn’t do that because she was just opposite to her sister a very pretty girl, moreover very innocent, following the ethics and moral values that she had learnt from her teachers, and she also did not like ugly tactics to get something and wanted to work hard to earn her own things.

One day it so happened that while coming from school, she went to her friend’s house adjacent to their bungalow, her mother saw her, and so she was relieved, she thought that probably she would not have any issues, she only came back in 30 minutes, but her mother beat her black and blue, she abused her for having an affair with her friends brother and father too, while actually Devi didn’t even know that her friend had a brother and neither her brother or father was at home, she tried to explain her mother a lot and make her believe and take in confidence, but in vain.

Devi completed her school somehow with fear, fright, and depression and scored less, but her parents never understood her. When she entered junior college, her parents never gave an opportunity to show her talent and participate in any competitions, while she was very talented, she loved dancing, acting and was good in sports too.

This was the second terrible incident of her life, her principal called her and said “Dear Smita, I know that you are very good in dancing, because your cousin who is very intelligent and talented himself has appreciated you a lot, and secondly the main dancer is sick there is an inter school competition now and you have to replace her, go home with my son immediately and dress to the best you can and come back soon, All the best dear”.

Hearing this Devi’s Joy knew no bounds, Her mams son was 3 years younger to her, Devi had a kind of feeling that going home with a 3 years younger boy would not create any issue, but her expectations were smashed off again, She was again beaten, called characterless and abused for having an affair with this small boy too, and was not sent for competition.

Devi did not understand what to do because everyone in her family had the same mentality, very orthodox, very dominating, and then the 3rd incident in her life was all the more terrible, Her father had some kind of issue in the office and was threatened to be killed and beaten.

Devi loved her father irrespective of all the odds and differences, and then she got to know that her neighbor uncle had solved the issue for her father, she was very happy.

One evening when she was sitting in her garden casually, she saw her neighbor Uncle and smiled at him, she was very grateful to him for helping her dad, but disgustingly even this was taken wrong, her father banged her head on the wall terribly pulling her hair and so her mother and sister and again depressed her.

This time Devi could not take the pain of being blamed and criticized her character for every single boy or man whom she tried communicating with anyway and she tried committing suicide by burning herself, but she was saved, however, her parents yet did not understand her depression, in-fact they said that if she commits suicide the society will blame her for having a disgusting affair with someone who refused to marry her and her family would also be held for shame!

When she was preparing for her impending exams, her Cousin’s marriage was there, Devi requested her parents to let her stay at home so that she could study, but her parents rejected and taunted her again with no fault of her. Devi was depressed and there was no one whom she could share she tried doing it with her school principal, but in vain, No one actually understood and helped because her father was a well-known man in town.

With fear and fright she completed her graduation, and then her parents got her married to a guy Ankit who looked like an uncle to her when he stood beside her, who was not handsome while Devi was so beautiful, he was an engineer but a ruffian who made her work all the time treated her like a slave, never bought anything for her, never took her out, made a mess for silly mistake like salt, pepper etc., and even beat her black and blue.

Devi tried explaining her parents but of no use, as usual, her brother in law had got the marriage proposal for her, she tried explaining her sister and brother in law but all of them had said that it was her fate and she had to accept it. Then it so happened that her aunt supported her to complete her Post Graduation, Devi was relieved because of studies at least, she got the opportunity to stay away from her dominating family.

She came across a friend who understood her plight and gave her ideas and suggestions and the strength to fight back, she even helped her to get an online job, she taught foreigners online and earned her living, her husband tried to pull her living too, while actually, he did nothing for her though he had lot of money.

Devi was now independent and got guts to give it back to everyone who insulted and hurt her, she took a divorce from Ankit.

She was free, at last! And did you know what she did to further do justice to herself?

She launched a global dance Academy along with her friends who had a similar taste for dance like her which has now become a global phenomenon!

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