It was a hot day. A weary traveller with a haggard look on his face goes through the dense but beautiful forest. He was a soldier from the war who had held prisoner by the enemy. He and his other comrades were freed after his army had signed the treaty. He was tired. The wounds were too painful but like a true soldier, he kept a fast pace bearing the dreadful pain. He was thinking about the way his wife and children would greet him. Maybe even a hot meal would be ready. After the war, all he needed was rest.

These thoughts brightened his spirits. On the way, he met a queer old man with funny clothes. The soldier stopped to ask for directions when suddenly he caught a glimpse of the huge wooden box past the old man. It was a brown crate with tiny holes on each side. From within came strange noises, It struck the soldier that the box was quite similar to the one in the story of Pandora and the box of troubles. Out of curiosity, he asked the funny man about the contents of the box. It was obvious that the old man wanted to talk to someone He told the soldier that once he and his family lived happily in the woods. Then the terrible war broke out and his property, family, everything was destroyed. The only things left in the forest where the trees and birds. As he was forced to take up an occupation, he chose to become a bird catcher. A whole year had passed catching birds At the end of twelve months he had a hundred different birds packed in this crate. He could sell this box at a reasonable price only if-people would buy it is difficult to live without money.

After narrating this sad story, the tiny man a looking pleadingly into the soldier’s eyes. The soldier was so touched that he spent all the money to buy the box.after leaving the man to count the money, the soldier walked slowly thinking about the way his family would ridicule him for spending his money on the worthless box up to full of stupid creatures. Suddenly he tripped over a branch and the box dropped from his hands. There was a pleasant sound of chirping and The sky was covered with beautiful creatures. For or ask the first time in his life, tears rolled down his as she cheeks. It was at that very moment he released _ The Price of Freedom.