“Rise and shine princess” said Mom while waking Anu up. Anu loves her mom but getting up at 7 am is something every 6 year old hates. Then follows the tedious process of Mom bathing her, dressing her up, kissing her head every moment she gets, cuddling her as she is the only thing that matters to her. Then enters dad feeding her breakfast in airplane style or train style.

Here comes the bus and off goes Anu. Anu is in 2nd standard in the best Convent school of the city. She is everything for her parents so they provide the best for her.

Her father is a banker and mother is a teacher. They live in middle class apartments. Anu only has her parents to play with but they do not have enough time for her. Even then she was happy. She would imitate her mother while she cooked dinner or would climb on her father’s back and enjoyed the ride. All the other kids are either older than her or too young. So she never made friends with anyone in the building.

Anu is a beautiful girl. She is fair with long black hair. She is very introvert and does not open up easily. That us why she only has two friends in her class. Her daily schedule includes going to school, coming to home to her nanny, in evening playing with mother and then with her father and after dinner off to dream land she goes.

Something changed the schedule when a new family came to the apartment just to opposite theirs. The family comprises of working father and mother and a daughter of 15 year old, Sejal. She was breath taking beautiful, had everything fashionable and a good student.

In evening the new family came over for tea. Sejal and Anu met for the first time. Anu instantly felt mesmerized with Sejal’s charm. They instantly connected and started bonding. After the family left all Anu could talk about was Sejal.

Anu’s nanny got sick and left the job and this put Anu’s parents in great peril. Who would look after Anu during the day? To this Sejal came forward. She offered to look after Anu till her parents got back. Anu was thrilled with this idea and even her parents were happy.

Sejal would get back from school at the same time as Anu. Anu would immediately change and go over to Sejal’s apartment and they would start playing. Sejal became Anu’s best friend. She idolized Sejal in every aspect. From her beauty to her intelligence. Sejal played with her, helped her in studies and cooked delicious snacks for her. Anu could not ask for more. She followed everything Sejal said without any question. The week went by smoothly but things started to change the next week.

“Anu who do you love the most?” asked Sejal.

“I love my mother the most, why?” asked Anu.

“Would you like it if you had two mothers?” asked Sejal playfully lifting Anu in her arms.

“Yes, I would love that” answered Anu enthusiastically.

“Then from today I am your second mother. I will be your secret mother. You can never talk about me to anyone else especially your first mother. It will be our secret game.”

“Okay, I would love that” said Anu with innocence so pure that it could be seen in her eyes.

“Now what is the thing your mother does that you love the most?” asked Sejal with an evil grin. “Well I like it when my mother kisses me on my head and hugs me tightly” answered Anu honestly.

“Then we will also do it but a little differently” saying that Sejal pressed her lips against Anu’s and pressed her chest hard against hers. She fondled Anu’s body and then let go after a minute. Anu was rattled by this and couldn’t understand a thing. She quietly left and went to her room and sat on her bed. She recalled everything and thought “My mother also kisses me but that feels so warm. Why was this so different? Maybe it was for the first time and it will feel better the next time. After all kissing is no wrong as my mother and father also do it.” With that thought she felt alright again and kept the secret. Hardly did she notice that she had lost a little bit of her innocence.

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