That’s what we all are doing.

Longing and searching for something we are unaware of. Looking for something which has no definition or perhaps it does, but somehow it’s only visible to us.

We are frightened of showing it to others, scared enough to let them know what we want.

What are we searching for and what are we scared of?

Do we need someone to rely on ? Do we need someone to hold us, so that we can be saved from falling apart?

Certainly, if this is the question and the answer, maybe we all are going wrong.

It’s good to rely, it’s good to search, it’s good to find, but what’s better is to be found.

To be found by your own self, and not by someone else.

It’s good to yearn, but for your own soul.

Nobody in this universe is as helpful as you alone can be to yourself.

We all have our own insecurities, our own fears, hiding behind a fake smile, peeking and seeking freedom.

So let this, break free. Let’s face the monster who has taken hold of us.

Let us kill the real fuss.

Start your search again. Look for the real you. The one you want to live. The one you are proud of. Stop creating a circle around you. Don’t allow this is to bind you, be it whatever, relationship, job, fake friendship or the soul which has become rotten by time.

Breathe. Breathe as much as you want, but then look for yourself.

Dress beautifully, smile gracefully, and leave anything or everything which is making your energy low gradually.

It’s good to find, but nothing is more beautiful than to be found.

Found by your own self.


Image Source : http://curitibainenglish.com.br