Clouds were rolling in, it was a calm sky. On a high mountain plain there was a village away from the hustle bustle of the city. The mountain plain where the sedge bushes, shrubs and playground arranges themselves out of the snow. It was welcoming of the spring, water was calm in the rivers. The small cute fishes were jumping in and out of the water. Sun was shining bright. There lived a man named Mike handsome and tall. He had a remarkable hair coat burgundy in color which kept shining all throughout the day. The hair were long enough that it touched his waist. The hair would glint in the sunlight. The hair were lustrous, clean and full of sparkle. Very few people in that village were blessed with this magical spell and Mike was one of them. It was such a great honor for him. And to make it more glorified he would used to do tap dance. The high healed shoe that he used to have would beautify the dance. He would dance for his neighbors, skits, dramas, dance competitions and parties that came across his way. The people were so influenced by him that they used to enhance their high stepping dance technique. And the people who were not able to dance, just shake their body to enjoy with the rhythm. So, people all together would join in the play. The audience used to appreciate them by hooting. It would look a complete and happy picture of the village living in harmony.

Suddenly, what the village saw one day was very terrible. The huge incandescent cars moved in the village. There came a man from the city who was very rich and looked like evil. But he was quite polite from outside. He was a businessman who used to make his money by selling the maleficent stuff occurring naturally. Why he arrived in village was only because of an atrocious intention. He found people who had the hair like Mike and arranged a meeting with them. He convinced the people to sell their hair and in return he would offer them bag full of green currency. People declined his offer and ran away. Mike on the other hand thought, why not to sell them. His hair are nature’s gift and they will grow again. Also, he could make some money out of this, which compared to the dancing was high so that he could afford to live a happy life. So, he agreed! The razor whirs over his head making him bald. The man assured him that he will provide him a good amount of money that could make him extremely delightful. What happened next? The man ran away without handling him the money he deserved and sell the hair in the market by labeling them as “Inspired from exotic berries; the most gorgeous and rich hair” Mike after two to three days thought that he got trapped and it was a scandal. How strange is life with its changes? He looked himself in the mirror; thought for a while; and started sobbing. All his proud was gone. He could not face anyone in the village. He was so ashamed because of the damage he has done to himself. Building a bit of confidence in him, he came out of his home. He was hiding from everyone that he knew. When people saw him, they started giggling and laughing aloud at him. He used to ran away. Days passed. He used to shield himself inside the home from the village people. Mike which was one of the joyful and vivacious person has turned into full of sorrows and his days went gloomy and filled with bleakness.

On a bright sunny day, a ray of hope was approaching him. Jumping and rising from the slope came a great man named Albert who was famous for ascetics values to meet the first three goals of life enjoyment, practical goals and duty. He was an old man with a pale face and wrinkles all over his face with a supporting stick for walking in his hand. He was and enlightened man with chock-full of hope. He paused and stared checking out Mike. He asked Mike” Hey kid! Why the mope?” Mike got up wiping his tears off and cleaning his nose. He said in a shivering voice, ” I used to be the man who was proud for his hair covering the scalp”. And now I don’t have any. I used to dance in the sunlight and show off my stuff to the villagers. Then, the lavish city people carried me away in a very rough way. And then they shaved my hair off and dumped me back here in the blonde. And if that is not enough, my friends and my neighbors laugh at me because they think I look funny, ridiculous and bald. They giggle by looking at my pink colored scalp. Albert gave a look at neighbors and was startled when he saw that they were giggling aloud. He said to Mike, ” What is wrong with being pink colored and bald”. It seems you have a wrinkle in your thought. Does the body color, shape or form etc. matter? Well the answer is “No”, albert said. Be it pink, gray or heliotrope. Whether it being bald or having hair. Now, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, and when you find out that you’re down, well take a pause and look around yourself. You still have a body, good legs and pretty fine feet. You have your head at the right place, and hence you are complete and perfect. Always look at the bright side. This made the eyes of Mike wide opened and gradually a curve was seen on his face. He smiled. Albert said to Mike that, “now, as for the dancing you can do that more as much as you want to”. You can achieve great heights, in fact you can ascend how much you want to! Get up, Just lift your leg up and pat it down, and you will find that you’re up in what is called “a leap”. Jump. jump and the again jump. Jump, and you will find that you are next to the sky. And I believe that you can do it, if you give it a try. It is so simple, said Albert. Firstly, get a leg up whack it on down. What you will find is that you are bounding again and again, higher then the previous jumping and in no time you will be touching sky. Mike in a similar way saw that he was communicating with the sky. He was on cloud nine. Audience started hooting people, people and neighbors start shaking again following him. The old Mike was back to the stage. Seasons passed by, The sparkling long hair were back again. The stepping dance again came into action, and now Mike was full of life.

So, after every three years, long about may. Mike himself would and hauled his hair away and start selling them to other sellers. He shaved his burgundy hair away that lead his scalp all naked and bare with a smile on his face. He learnt to live with it, he didn’t care. He just jumped, jumped and jumped again. Now in this world of ups and downs, happiness and sorrows, it is so nice to see that so many Alberts are around