Every day we share a meal or two with our near and dear ones, or with our families…However not many stop to wonder what a smile can hide or what the silence screams. Not often do we ponder upon how precious innocence is to a little girl and how treacherous a little piece of candy can become.


“It's just a coffee toffee..that’s it…a sweet, nothing less nothing more…why would anyone despise such a thing?”
 He said while he pulled back the box of chocolates he had bought for her.

“I remember when you were little, you would hold 'em in your hand so tight that your palm would hurt and if some one pulled 'em free you'd cry to no end” he chuckled.

“how my little girl has grown..”

They finished their ritual – the weekly father daughter dinner. She had moved to a different state to continue her studies. Where she stayed to become the senior counsellor to an NGO and also had a telly show in the works.
As they made their  leave, he said to her with an unwavering tone “I’m proud of you” .

 She stood there smiling. She always had been known to keep to herself, most of her childhood passed away in solitude . 
“I love you child..”  he said, and thrust the toffee in her hand and gave her a hug. The voice resonated in her head…this brought back memories…

When she was 10 her father gave up his prestigious job as CEO of chromex pvt. ltd. and became instead   a stay home dad while  her mum decided to keep her job as the senior manager of  a big shot company. I She and her brother were left alone with him…

It was  ritual, when her mum was away.She remembered the first time they were  lead into his room.

He said that he had a game to play with them, and with all earnesty they playfully trotted along and followed him.He then made  her brother sit at  the edge of the bed.
The first time when it started she had no clue what was happening, he drew closer to her as a sinister look dawned over his face. Bewildered and scared she  cried and screamed. That was the first time he had beaten them to silence, and in the end that was all that remained. No questions were given back in retort, just innocence taken.

She was just 10 and scared, every time she tried to struggle in  any way, she and her brother had to pay the price… and so she let it happen the next time, and the time after that He would ask her to strip him and play with his manhood, and this continued on at every spare opportunity. 

Time passed he got bolder and aggressive. He would continue for hours. She couldn't escape reality, even her dreams were plagued with blood, and brutality. The violence her mind began to force her to see, there was no escape from it. The scars, bruises and cigarette burns he left behind on her body, made sure that she would not forget.

One day she thought she heard someone pass by the apartment, someone who could help put an end to this sick game he made her play. She shrieked for help and he choked her senseless in response. When she came to, he was on top of her grunting and sweating,  his manhood in her. She was overwhelmed by pure undiluted fear, without any means of opposition she had let this happen too.
She was raped even before she could comprehend its meaning. And while he did this he made her brother watch. It gave him a sick thrill.
When would have his fill, he would hold out her arm and place a coffee toffee in her tiny palms.

She never dare cry, for that’s how much she feared him. It was easier for her mind to just let it happen.

Howling sirens brought her to the present from the flashback.
 An officer was besides her, his hand outstretched “Thank you ma’am, we appreciate your courage. Must have not been easy to go through  all of that.” He said t.

Her father was on his knees. she heard the distinct fleeting voice of the detective that was restraining him. “Mr. Thomas you are under arrest for multiple counts of rape sexual abuse, aggravated assault…” the voice droned off.

She was 24 now, she had a kid, he was 6. his father was her dad.
She had told everyone she had gotten drunk with a friend and had gotten herself knocked up.
No questions were asked. The power that came with her family name made sure of it.

Tears beaming through her meek eyes. She fell to her knees and let go of the toffee. It fell to the ground and  was crushed under the shuffling boots of the officers..  the brutality had ended, she was safe. She was free.
She smiled to herself through her tears and thought to herself

“Yeah…how your little girl has grown..”