It was the time when I started believing that fate could be changed through prayers. I always felt great with the content obtained by praying for others. I used to listen to the problems of others and prayed to Shiv, for them. Some day, I heard that my friend’s sister Rani was being disturbed in her family because she had a girl child first and everyone in her family was scolding her for not having a baby boy. On hearing this, I still wondered how many parts of our society has not changed their views regarding the birth of babies and everyone always wished to have a boy child. Most of the achievements in the current society is made only by women. Everyone speaks of Women’s liberation everywhere and still others wish for having only boy child in their family.

She had been sent back to her mother’s home due to the fight that arose with her in-laws regarding this issue. My friend felt bad and cried over to me. I always loved her sister as my own and regretted for her. I prayed to Shiva that her in-laws and husband should be convinced soon and she should be happy with her new born in her family. Around six months passed and things happened. She was just accepted in her family like a servant and was always scolded by everyone. But I felt it was better rather than she being in her mom’s home.

I still continued my prayers for everyone around me who were in struggle in their lives. In some months, I came to know that Rani Akka (AKKA, meaning elder sister in Tamil) was pregnant again. This time, I wished stronger that it was a boy child so that all her troubles end sooner. I prayed everyday, all time, for her and my prayers were answered. Yes, this time it was a baby boy, so cute as Rani akka. I wondered how Shiv always answered my prayers and thanked him for this valuable blessings. I conveyed my hearty greetings to her.

I felt that this baby boy is a blessing showered by Shiv and hence he shall be named any one of those several hundred names of Shiva. I couldn’t convey this to Akka, but to the shock of mine, they had already chosen a name to him, Keerthan Siva, which means the ‘melodious musical Shiva’. I understood that all these incidents were HIS play. I thanked him for proving his powers again.

Shiv had always helped me in all the situations. Once, when I had been preparing for my entrance exam fro higher education, I was affected by severe viral infection from my laboratory as I had to work with microbes for my project. Only two days were left for the exam and doctors insisted me a minimum of three days of medication for the cure. I was preparing hard for the exam right from the beginning and cried to Shiva about the reason for this play and took a deep sleep. In half a day, my fever got reduced and I felt better. I continued my preparation for the exam and fortunately I performed well. It was then I realized that there had been a little break out of fire at the space near the laboratory where I used to work. If I had not been affected by this infection I would have been working there during the accident and I would have got into untold troubles. I may have even been dead at the accident but Shiv had saved me from this by giving me just an infection.


From the myths and ancient stories, we could observe that there were several incidents in which God has been so close to the people. Sages who give up worldly pleasures and perform hard meditation and rituals have easily met God and has been blessed with so much of powers to enhance the society.  But in the recent times, we have moved away so far, really far from God. There is no such incident that someone has visualized the Holy Image of God. We are reading only in stories about the various forms of Lord like the Dasavathar ( Ten Different forms) of Lord Vishnu, the Four-Headed Brahma, The Dancing form of Shiva and so on. It is all because of the changing lifestyle and the lessening of belief in Lord. Atheism has become a trend and many people who love to be trendy give up their believes on Lord.

For those who believe, Lord always showers his blessings and makes miracles happen in their life. Every soul in this world is beautiful and every soul deserves miracles to happen in their life. And once it happens, it is our duty to remember God who makes it happen in our life. Gratitude and faith brings the Lord close to us so much.

We keep praying to Lord to end up our struggles and once it happens, we forget the existence of Him. The Lords plans for our day are always better than ours and he knows what is good to us rather than what we feel good for ourselves. He knows the right time to make things happen in our life. Only our patience with strong belief is essential to work out things.