This story puts light on relationship between brithers and love for a father towards his sons.


One upon a time, there was a king who had eight sons. He loved them so much so that he could not live away from them and always wanted altleast one son to be with him. When all of them grew up, seven were set off to woo, but as far as the eigth son was concerned, his father kept him with himself and the others were to bring a princess for the king gave the seven the finest clothes one could ever have eyes on, so fine that light gleamed from them a long way off. Now, when they had been to many palaces, and seen many princesses, at last they came to a meet a king who had seven lovely and beautiful daughters. They were so lovely that those seven princes’ had never seen such ladies before., and so they fell to wooing them, each one and when they had got them for their sweethearts, as their better half; they set home again, but unluckily, they forgot that thay also had a brother, Roberts for whom they had to look out for a princess too as they were so much head over heels in love with their ladies-love.

They set off on a journey to their palace back agin, on the way there was a Giant’s house. The Giant heard some hustle-bustle and came outside. He saw so amny people and turned them into stone; all of them.

The king was waiting for his sons. He waited and waited for too long, but the more he waited; the long they all stayed away from him. He could not resist himself and got worried. He did not know what to do. He cursed himself.

He told his son Roberts,” Thank God Roberts, I let you not go, otherwise I would have died but I am really sorry for the loss of your brothers. “

“Wll, but I am thingking to take a leave from you and go on a journey to find them all.”

But his father rejected as he feared, then he too will be away.

But Roberts was strong-willed that he had to go and search for his brothers and their wives. He begged his father a lot and prayed to him to let him go. At last, he let him go. But now, there was no horse left for him as he had given all good horses to his other seven sons ecept an old broken-down jade. Roberts did not give it a pina and set off the journey.

“Don’t fear father, I will come safe and will also bring my seven brothers back. Farewell father. “,Roberts said.

So when he had ridden a while, he came to a Raven, which lay in the road and flapped his wings due to which Roberts could not go further. He requested Roberts to get him some food to move forward.

Roberts said,”I don’t have much food to give and I don’t know that how much will I be able to help you out. But still I can spare you a little. I see you want it. “

He helped him and thus, got his way out from there. Later, while going through the forests, he got to see the Giant’s home where he saw his father’s horses. Then he understood that they were being captivated by him. He went straight to him and asked them to let his brothers and their wives set free. The Giant put a condition to marry his sister in a lavish procession. The Gian’t sister was very ugly, long hair and nails, dirty clothes. But because he had to set his family members free, he had to do so. Their marriage was held in a lavish procession. As soon as Roberts kissed the girl’s hand, she turned into a beautiful and young woman. By this, his family members were also freed and then again turned to humans from stone statues.

They  went home and made merry.