My parents came to the railway station to see off me. I am sitting comfortably in a train compartment and the train pulled out of the station. I couldn’t see anything because my eyes had no vision. Yes !! I was a blind person and that’s why my parents were anxious about my journey.

Suddenly a man ‘s voice came “Are you going all the way to Dehra ? “.I was extremely startled by the voice as I was assuming that no one was there except me in the compartment , so with a pause I said ” I am going to Saharanpur and my aunt is coming there to meet me”. Again a voice came – “Oh ! That’s great “.Now I was much comfortable with him and decided to ask him about his journey , he replied “To Dehra and then to Mussoorie”. This destination was one of my favorite destinations as I love the hills. He was a very lucky man.

After a lot of conversation , this was the time for silence,some thoughts are running continuously in my mind that if the man is able to recognise me as a blind girl or not, if yes then why he didn’t ask me about the blindness like others and suddenly he asked me a question “Why don’t you look out of the window? “, So I moved to the window side of the berth , the direction of which I knew but this was not enough to give him the impression that I was not blind. He asked me “Did you notice the trees are moving while we seem to be standing , but it was a very natural activity so I replied confidently “this happens everytime” ,so he came up with another question “Do you see any animals ?” , I replied “No” , because I knew that there were hardly any animals left in the path of our journey ,so this was giving me a little hope that the man could believe the power of my eyes. After a while he commented – You had a very pretty face ! to which I confidently replied “Thanks, you are a very gallant man ” , later I tried to make him comfortable with me so that he doesn’t find anything fishy and no more try to find out my disability.

He began to tell me that “we will soon be at your station”. I began to collect my things and ready for departing .The train drew slowly into the station ,voices of vendors and porters ,a high pitched female voice of my aunt can also be heard.

I said goodbye to him and then I came out of the compartment , but what I heard while coming out was unbelievable. A man sitting close to me said in a very low pitch voice – “How beautifully the two blind persons called off their journey”.

I thought it was an incredible journey for me !! With the help of our remaining senses, we both made each other realize that we could see this beautiful world while hiding our disability to see.