The chirping of the bird and the warm light from the sun was the usual indication of a new morning. Arden was woken up by these abstracts of the morning. “Oh, it’s morning already? I am so late for college. I had the most unusual dream in my entire life yesterday.” Arden thought. “Mom! Why didn’t you wake me up? Mom! M..o…m…” Arden slowly started to realize that yesterday was all but dream. He really lost his sister and his mother forever. “How! What! Why?” so many questions raced through Arden’s mind but nothing was met with an answer. “That’s right! Ghol! Where are you Ghol? You could tell me what’s happening! Ghol!” His call was met with silence. “Don’t tell me, I can talk to Ghol only at night.” he thought. “Damn! I can’t even go out and ask for help! What if they find me? I’d be done for sure.” he continued. While thinking about all that happened, his stomach didn’t seem to end its growling. “I’m extremely hungry. I hope something will be there in the kitchen. Kitchen? Yeah, that’s right, mom was… ” he felt an urge to vomit but it went away. He decided to stay in his bedroom until evening when darkness takes over the sun.

*Ding* *Dong* somebody rang the doorbell. The sound of the doorbell made Arden shiver with fear. “What if it’s them? I should be quiet.” Arden thought. The person was persistent enough to ring for 2 minutes straight. But then they left when no one seemed to answer. Arden finally lets out a calm sigh, thinking the problem went away. He patiently waited for the sky to turn dark so that he could talk to Ghol again. While waiting, he fell asleep and started dreaming.

*thud* it appears to be a sound of metal hitting a wood, like an axe splitting a piece of lumber. There appears to be a man in his late 40s doing the work. He is constantly splitting the wood. Also, there is a little girl planting seeds and watering the soil near him. While grabbing the wood to split he mistakenly grabbed the little girl’s neck and placed her on the bench and he swung his axe with full speed, splitting the girl’s head in two. “Stop! Can’t you see what you’re doing? Hey!” Arden calls seem to fall on deaf ears. “Arden!” A voice called out. “Um… Who is it?” asked Arden. “It’s me, Ghol! Wake up its night already!” “Night! Oh! I must have slept.” “It’s alright sleepyhead. Let’s get things done now.” cheerfully Ghol said. “Yeah, about that, what should I start doing? I have no idea what to do!” said Arden. “Well, you can start by eating the food I kept on the table.” Arden’s eyes fall on the food that was kept on the table. With his mouth watering, “Wow! Did you make these?” “Yes. Now go on, eat it. I know you’re hungry.” Arden starts eating the food thanking Ghol in the process. “These are really good! How would I thank you for this!” exclaimed Arden with a full mouth. “It’s alright, it’s my pleasure. I’m happy that you liked it.” While Arden was eating the delicious meal, Ghol was planning their next move.

“Now, you have to work undercover, like wearing a mask, surgical face mask or something, when you’re outside buying utilities. You have to pretend you’re sick. Would you like to move to a hotel or something, far away from here? It would be better for us to be away from your house.” asked Ghol. “You’re right! I have to get away from this house. I have enough in my bank account and my mother’s account. I could live in a hotel.” said Arden. “You know what’s better than a hotel, and empty warehouse. I know one, at a perfect distance from here. How about that?” asked Ghol. “Well, if you know it then I have no choice but to follow you. I’ll probably do as you say. You are the only one I can trust!” “Thanks for the trust it really means a lot.” replied Ghol. “Ok then. Let’s start by packing your bag. Pack some clothes, etc. then we will swipe some money to buy some utilities.” said Ghol. “Ok. I’ll start packing. By the way, I have wanted to ask you something.” said Arden. “Sure, go ahead!” said Ghol. “Why do you disappear during the day?” asked Arden. “I do not disappear, I simply… enough about me, let’s do the packing!” replied Ghol.

To be continued…