Rahul was a young boy of 11-12 years who worked very hard in chilled winter mornings to take care of his mother who was ill. They lived in a small house, which was poorly built. He took great care of his mother and gave her food and medicines which he bought from the money he earned by selling newspapers and working at a tea stall.

He gave his mother the medicines to eat and then looked at an old clock. He looked very tense and in haste left the house closing the door behind him. He started running and then faster and faster until he reached a small shop which was closed at that moment. He was panting very badly. However, as soon as he saw that the shop was closed he took a sigh of relief, and slowly walked to a nearby water tank and drank some water from there. As he was drinking water, he heard a voice saying:

“Rahul, Come fast!! It is too heavy. Run!!!!”

As soon as he heard the voice, he looked and saw that a man was standing with three bags, which looked very heavy. He was carrying two bags in his hand and one was kept on his head. Rahul immediately ran towards the man to help him, took his bag from his hands, and then helped him with the one kept on his head. Then he greeted the man saying “Namaste Sahib”. The man greeted him back and handed him the keys from his pocket. Rahul took the keys and tried to open the shutter of the shop but was not able to do it, so the man came and helped him with the same. As soon as the shutter was opened, he ran and took the bags one by one and kept them inside the shop. It was a grocery store.

The man immediately went to his cash counter and worshipped there for a moment and then turning back to Rahul, he said:

“Open those bags and arrange the things. Common Quick!”

As soon as he heard this, he opened the bags and started arranging the things. When he finished the two bags he took the third one and as started arranging the things there. The owner looked at him and gave a smile however; Rahul did not notice it, as he was busy with his work. He slowly kept on arranging the goods at their respective places then he noticed something unusual in the bag. There was a packet containing books. As he saw the packet, he took it and looked questioningly at the owner of the shop. The owner smiled and signaled him to come, Rahul went to his owner and he hugged him and said, “This is for you my son. I know that you like to study. But due to your father’s sudden death, you had to work in this way and leave your studies.”

On hearing, this tear started rolling down from Rahul’s eyes and he tightly hugged the books and began crying bitterly. The owner came to him and consoled. He further gave him a letter. Rahul took it, opened, and saw that it was a letter from his old school. He read it and found that the school authority has decided to fund his studies, as he was a bright student of his school. As he finished reading the letter, he handed over the letter to his owner saying

“That’s so good, but I cannot continue my studies as I have to take care of my ailing mother and earn money for her treatment.”

The owner then wiped his tears and told him that he has decided to pay all the expenses of his mother’s treatment as he knew the value of good education and did not want to spoil the future of a bright child like him. Hearing this Rahul became overjoyed and hugged his owner tightly. Then he ran back to his home to give the good news to his mother immediately.

So, this was the story of a small boy Rahul who worked very hard and never gave up even in the worst conditions and thus got a hand which helped him to overcome that situation and helped him to lead a good and happy life.