While I was busy in handling the chaos of my unbalanced life,

Destiny greeted me with a matured soul for whom I’d strive.

I could see myself drowning in the useless ocean getting wasted,

But my placid heart was dying already to get tested.

I still remember the first touch of his divine lips.

Surreal, energetic, calm and mine!

I remember how effortlessly he convinced me to kiss a stranger.

The chocolate helped him to manipulate me better.

I remember how tactfully he undressed me, the soothing moonlight too was in his side.

I do remember how gracefully he amored me, his gestures painted a rainbow vibe.

Where the pathetic world talks about the duration of the bonds,

He beautifully explains me about the quality instead.

Amidst my immaturity, he completes my tantrums.

Feed me with food,

Love me more when I am nude.

Amidst my lack of humour, he laughs on my innocence and my lame joke.

Goes on stupid rollercoaster slides with me for our intrigue to grow.

Though we found each other on the opposite dark paths,

No doubt our journeys too were vaguely different.

Today, 2018 has started.

The mother earth holds the future.

But our paths seem familiar and our journeys too seem peculiar!