I was laying in the dark horizon of a congested forest, sunbathing my bruised wounds, waiting for the rains to cleanse my paltry rooms.

There was a beautiful canopy of natural tress.

Sea water mainstaying the lively fishes and bees.

So many majestic elements were present in the aura.

The chirping of blue birds,

Dancing of crazy maggots,

Pleasant playing of chickens,

Alluring vision of desperate pigeons.

Miniature babies playing in the garden.

Mud over their faces,

Hands dirty,

Clothes torn,

Starving for food..

But still playing keenly in that garden.

Their mothers yelling at them,

Begging to eat, running to feed.

Their fathers cutting the trees, not thinking about the bees.

What an exquisite place to live, my goodness!

I feel the fresh winds on my face,

The radiant fragrance of soil,

The breezes of home,

The coldness of hunger,

The warmth of my lover.

What an enthralling place to live, my goodness!

But I don’t live in this place.

I live in a stoned castle.

Where there is no air to breathe but only battles.

Anger, would be seen in everyone unlike my splendid garden.

Malevolence, to kill the vibes of each other.

Lot of food to eat but still unsatisfied and bothered.

There are continuous loud and filthy noises in my castle.

People shout, they scream, beg, kill and lie.

They lie with the world to survive.

They lie to their parents to sympathise.

They lie to their friends to synchronize.

They lie to their lovers to satisfy.

And they lie to themselves to scrutinise.

This place where I live is intolerant.

But I know,

I am not the queen to rule this bed.

I am not the slave to yield either.

I belong to that green garden and that dark forest.

I only belong to that lover who sits with me in the night.

Looking at the infinite sky,

Singing random favourite songs,

Holding my hand,

Kissing my forehead,

Squeezing me his arms to keep me warm,

I belong to him and his words..Completely!

I belong to every word he writes.

I belong to the food he makes for me.

I belong to his tanned skin.

I belong to his breathtaking voice.

I belong to his passion.

I belong to him.

Because I know, he will not let me die in this pathetic castle of bricks.

He will take me to the forest and sit there instead sleeping on the king bed.

He will drink sea water with me instead of mineral.

He will eat mud with me instead of pearl.

He will protect me with his blithering eyes instead of fake artillery.

He will take me to the places where I’ll live instead of survive.

He won’t force me to flee.

This is why I know,

I belong to this person.

I belong to his sublimation!