This is a story of two people who are in love with each other but are separated due to the boundaries of their countries. This is a story of Aditya and Maushik. Both of them led a pretty normal life before they met each other.

It began way back in 2014 when Maushik visited India to attend a conference organized by the company she worked in, this was the first time when she met the handsome Aditya who was present at the same conference. Apparently, Aditya was the owner of the organization that helped to organize this event and was instantly attracted to him. Aditya, on the other hand, noticed her too and thought of developing the friendship though he knew that she belonged to another country, still he went ahead and started to chat.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Good, good. What about you?

Their conversation continued for the sometime till the conference ended and the result was a plan to meet over coffee at the restaurant of the hotel after the conference days were over, to which Maushik agreed. They kept seeing each other and a special kind of bonding was developed between them, they loved each other’s company. There was something about the both of them that the other person found attractive, maybe it was the difference in their cultures, their talking style or etiquettes etc. whatever it may be they both had a feeling for each other which none of them had experienced before and they partially knew that what it was but were reluctant to express it.

Soon the conference ended and the people started departing to their respective countries but both of them did not wish to separate. Nevertheless, they got each other’s phone numbers and promised to talk over skype, chat and what not, they wanted to keep this relationship alive despite knowing the difficulties that thy were going to face in the future due to their countries.

A year almost passed by and they had been in touch since.  Aditya had surprised Maushik by visiting her country on her birthday, this strengthened their bond even more. Now after so much time Maushik had visited his country and Aditya had visited her country plus they had been talking continuously on their mobile phones and through skype etc. It was time to take this relationship a step further. None of them have told about this to their parents but now they were confident enough to face the consequences that they knew were going to catastrophic.

That day they had a long talk on how to tell their parents about it, both were very confused and were scared a bit but somehow they worked out their way and chose a plan to break the news. And as expected, the reactions were horrific. Both sides had tons and tons of questions that were cleared by the couple but none of the parents approved this relationship majorly due to the bad relations between the two countries that would not allow this to happen.