After a boring day at school and a three-hour long homework, I was finally sitting at my desk reading my current favorite book, ‘Fantastic beasts and where to find them’. I had always been a Harry Potter fan and when this book came out, I couldn’t help but read it. My table lamp casted dim shadow on the book while the three headed serpent stared at me. Its blue crystallized eyes were deadly hypnotizing as if they could rule over one’s mind and heart before they prey on it. Before I could read further, suddenly the electricity was cut off. Through the open window I could see that the storm which had felt like a rumor all day, was delivering now. For a second, like a knife catching a glint of light and refracting it in multitude, everything gleamed white for a moment. The street light in front of my house started flickering out of nowhere while as far as my sight could reach there wasn’t a single light visible.t

Srange. I thought. I stood by the window for a while, it was near midnight and all the shops in our lane seemed close, streets sullen, watched over by the old apartment buildings and high rises off in a distance. The harsh barrage of rain on asphalt gave off that familiar musty, oily aroma that some city dwellers found comforting, despite the wet chill. It made me uneasy. I shut the window and looked sideways in order to draw the curtains but they had vanished. I didn’t remember removing the curtains neither did I remember leaving the window open.

Strange. I thought for the second time in the last twenty minutes. The street light stopped flickering and was now lit in its full glory. For a moment I thought that the power was back but everything was still engulfed by the darkness. I could spot a dainty human figure, perhaps a man in the middle of the road. He was wearing a dark hoodie and black trousers. He was staring at something, I followed his line of sight to look that he was looking straight at my house. In a moment I opened my door and scurried downstairs, I exited through the back door. Logic and rationality had left every nerve of mine. It seemed like a plot of some suspense movie where I desperately wanted to uncover the identity of this mystery man. The cold air hit me hard and in a moment I was craving the warmth of my room. Stomach still in knots, I could hear my heart thumping loudly as I made my way towards the front. I slipped behind the bushes, I could feel the fear caressing me. The hooded man stood right in the line of my sight and now I was regretting my decision to leave my room. I slid my hand inside my jeans pocket to look for my phone but was met with thin air. I could feel the sweat accumulating over my forehead despite the chilly weather, I really was doomed. In a flash the hooded man was merely a step away from me, I still couldn’t see his face. He removed his hood and the three headed serpent with blue crystallised eyes sprang out engulfing me in its huge mouth. Was this the end? Was it over?

Death was accompanied by the patter of nurses; rubber-soled shoes marching briskly along linoleum floors. My body revolted against the crisp order in violent expulsions of browns, greens and yellows against the bleached hospital whites. Veins stood out on my small, pale neck and spittle flew from my mouth as I screamed.

My eyes flashed open, my table lamp still casted a dim shadow while I was sprawled upon my book. Strange dream. I thought.

The three headed serpent from book was still staring at me. I eyed my window, the curtains were nowhere in sight, window was open and the street light was flickering.