The story starts with a 22 year young Lee. She was a beautiful soul who used to embrace things around her in a blissful way until one day when she started vomiting blood fluid from her mouth. She was too scared that moment but gathered some hope and told this incident to her only parent, her mom. Her mom took that in her stride and got Lee checked from her nearby hospital. After few days, when the report came it was shocking for Lee’s mom as her child was suffering from Blood cancer at stage 4 condition. Lee locked herself in the room crying and blaming God that why this mishap is happening to her and she also has some dreams to live for. She called Ryan , her best friend and told about this in a very low tone. He didn’t answered and hung up the call. After a while , there was a knock on the door and Lee noticed that Ryan showed up at her home. Lee ran towards him and hugged him tightly accompanied with her sobbing. Ryan moved his fingers through her hair lines, making her calm. Lee’s mother was watching from the backdoor but she stood still to give those friends their private moment.
Ryan was acting strong and he didn’t shed his tears in front of Lee as it would exacerbate the pain and the  whole scenario according to him. Lee asked Ryan to help her fulfil her last wishes before the day arrives and to this Ryan was mentally and emotionally ready.
Next day, it was heavily raining and Lee called Ryan asking if they could have a walk on the streets. Ryan agreed to her without any questions. Ryan came first and he was holding his umbrella and was looking for her friend until he saw a glimpse  of a girl who was drenched in the rain , without any umbrella approaching towards him and later recognized that it was Lee. She took his umbrella and threw it in air. They both held each others hand and started walking in the streets. At that moment , Lee asked her that after her death , will he made a new best friend like her. To which he replied their is nobody like her and nobody can replace her space in his heart as her ‘only’ best friend and that he would miss her a lot. Lee decided that it was time to tell Ryan her wish and she said whenever rain is going to drizzle from the heavenly sky, just assume it that it is Lee who is showering her love from the heaven. Ryan promised her that he would definitely do that for her.
Lee and Ryan continued their visits  at each others home and after few months Lee was admitted to hospital and she was kept on the ventilator. It was June 18′ 2007 and Ryan came rushing to her ward. When he came their, he became cold and still to watch her friend in the agonizing condition. He sat near her and held her right hand. Lee clumsily opened her eyes and said that it is time to bid her farewell with a bright smile while giving him a squishing hug. He became emotional and hugged her immediately and suddenly he noticed that her pulse became constant and she was not responding anymore. He was shattered to see that she died in her arms with a smile. All of a sudden rain started drizzling and Ryan came out of the hospital and remained still to absorb each and every essence of that moment.


  1. Aastha Kaur

    “She Came As Rain” is a poignant and emotionally charged story that explores the bond between two best friends, Lee and Ryan, as they face the devastating reality of Lee’s terminal illness. The author effectively portrays Lee’s fear and despair, contrasting it with her mother’s supportive presence.

    The story delves into the heartwarming relationship between Lee and Ryan, showcasing their unwavering support for each other. Ryan’s decision to remain strong in front of Lee to spare her pain exhibits the depth of their friendship. The emotion portrayed here in this passage is so raw that it immediately helps the reader connect to the story.

    The symbolic motif of rain is artfully woven throughout the story, culminating in a poignant scene where Lee requests Ryan to associate rain with her eternal love. It adds a touch of bittersweet beauty to their final moments together.

    The climactic scene in the hospital is heart-wrenching as Ryan witnesses Lee’s passing. To share the bonding of love with someone so special is rare, and to have him lose his heart in his arms was painful to read. This feeling of loneliness usually persists when you face such a loss, but the final image of Ryan standing in the rain, absorbing the essence of the moment, brings a sense of closure and catharsis to the story.