Luke had a hard time coming out of his room with his one side of face burnt from an accident. He always face comments and people calling him “ugly” or “poor thing”. He was never kissed by his month or the burn side of his face which made him believe that he don’t deserve the life he was living. He stopped going to school and made the four walls of his room his entire world. He stared at the roof all night until the sleep felt pity over him and covered him in its dark peace. One day, he felt frustrated and suffocating to sit in his room and decided to go for a walk. While walking he came came accross a house with a beautiful garden in front. There seemed no one living in the house se he climbed up the wall and landed in the garden. As he stepped forward a voice came from inside the house. He didn’t realised there was someone living in the house. He decided to go back to his house but as he turned around to go back the heavy voice told him to stay. The voice was of an old man who stood at the window. He told Luke that it is ok for him to visit the garden and that many children often visit the garden without permission. Luke started shivering and felt uncomfortable and just wanted to return but the old man told him that he can stay there for as long as he want. Luke told him that his face might scare the old man. The old man laughed and said he had a time leg which was even more terrifying. They started conversation. Luke in every way possible tried to convince the old man that world was cruel and nobody will ever love him. The old man said that it was not his responsibility to make others love him but it was his responsibility to love himself. The old man told him that he only Target and see the cruel and bad things happening ignoring the good in them. When asked about what he see in the garden he was standing Luke told the man he notice many bushes. The old man smiled and said that he ignored the flowers and fruits the garden holds and only focused on bushes. Luke asked why man didn’t had any curtains or any coverings on the windows, the man replied that he didn’t liked to shut things down. He love listening to wind and welcoming the sunlight and the rain. After having a conversation Like was convinced to have a positive outlook towards life and to be who he wants to be because he was physically healthy unlike the old man with a leg of tin. The old man said he was going to pluck some apples and if Luke could help him but Luke said he must inform his mother about this. The old man said he might never return to help him but Luke promised to return. When Luke reached home he told his mother about the man and how his point of view was changed by the man’s thoughts. Luke’s mother told him that there was no one in that house and that he was just imaging. Luke disagreed with his mother and ran from home to help the man. When he reached there he called the man and looked for him everywhere but no one was there. While searching, Luke took a peek inside from the window and saw the picture of that man hanging on the wall and below it was the date mentioned of his death. There was a quote written below the picture and date the quote stated, “I will always be here for those who need light in a world full of darkness”. Luke decided to be like that man and have a positive outlook towards life and to become a reason for his existence instead of finding a reason to not exist.