If tomorrow comes

Sidney Sheldon is actually a feminist writer who is writing various stories but the best one of those is ‘If Tomorrow comes’, ‘Chasing tomorrow’ and ‘reckless’ series.

‘Chasing Tomorrow’ is basically a story based on Tracy Whitney and her periphery. Her husband who changes the situation in every scenario is Jeff Stevens. Tracy Whitney is very beautiful and charming. Stevens is also a person who is highly charming and genius. This is story in which Tracy thinks that she should go back to her original life. Hence she starts taking the odd jobs in which she felt the thrill. Jeff started working in a art museum. There he found a real peace, but because of his charming looks many female got attracted to him.

Then because of other con artist Tracy saw Jeff in some intimate position and she leaves him without telling anything. He tries a lot to find her out, but he could not find. Then he goes to their mentor and even he is answerless. Tracy migrates to an area where she can live a peaceful life and she knew that she has a baby in her stomach. She initially wishes for a baby girl so that she did not have to remember the face of Jeff whom she trusted the most. But tragically she gives birth to a boy who is very similar to Jeff.

Story takes a turn over the direction of a villain where he or she kills a sex-worker after a heist. The boss always gives an order to con-artists.

Further he gets money and what he wants from the work he has given. As the story rolls, varied detectives and FBI comes into picture. The villain’s major aim is to hit Tracy in a way that she can not ever recover from the same. For that he is using a way in which a serial killing is occurring. FBI detectives find Tracy because they found pattern which is similar to the way that Tracy followed before.

Those con-artists compete between things and get caught by the FBI people. After so much of search, arguments and requests Tracy agrees to help. After various tracks of murders and thefts Tracy gets an idea, but she still doesn’t know who the villain is and what the aim is. As the story reveals few facts about the super villain we get to know that he is a guy who is looking for Tracy only. Further with FBI security he manages to crack everything and send her a riddle. She thinks that she can save everyone by solving the riddle….so she leaves and the FBI detective tries to follow her.

Story takes a drastic turn which involves blitzkrieg between the villain, Tracy and Jeff….FBI detective also appears there. Jeff  is trapped because of Tracy and the drastic incident that changes several minds….The thing to look for is that who won the fight and how Tracy handles Jeff and her son together at the end.


  1. Bharti Kumari

    Hey author, I checked out your story “Chasing Tomorrow” on Storieo. It’s an intriguing tale with elements of mystery and suspense. I liked how you developed the characters of Tracy and Jeff, their complex relationship, and the challenges they face. The plot twists kept me engaged, especially with the introduction of the super villain and the FBI’s involvement. However, at times, the story felt a bit rushed, and certain events could have been explored in more detail to enhance the overall impact. Overall, it’s an enjoyable read, and with a little fine-tuning, it has the potential to captivate readers even more. Keep up the good work!