The story is about a girl named Monika. She had befriended a boy named Vivaan but due to some reason, they broke up. Now Monika witnesses her now-enemy in trouble. How would she help him? Or would she not do so?


Monika was the only child of her parents. When she was 8 years old, her parents had died in a car accident. Since then, her uncle and aunt (chacha-chachi) took care of her and Monika lived with them. With them she never felt like missing her parents as Monika was given unconditional love. Monika loved her simple life but wished some spice in it.

They had a neighbour which consisted of Mrs. and Mr. Chaudhary. They had a son named Vivaan who was 2 years younger than Monika. Both the families had affable relations because of which Vivaan and Monika also became good friends and also because they were in the same school.

Time passed. Monika was completing her 12th and Vivaan 10th. One weekend, Vivaan called Monika to her house. He brought Monika to his room. He asked her to close her eyes and what Monika saw was that Vivaan had a rose in his hand and on his knees, he said

“I love you Monika.”

Unfortunate for Vivaan, his father heard all that. His anger signified a tornado as he called Monika’s uncle and aunt.

“Monika what is this?”

” Vivaan did this. I didn’t know anything about it.”

Vivaan’s father gave a tight SLAP to him.

” Shame on you.” He was full of anger.

“Uncle, please don’t scold him.” Monika pleaded.

” You’re encouraging him Monika?”

Vivaan’s father questioned with ferocity.

“No I mean to say..”

” Enough of it! This is not your age to do all this, you know that? Veena it is all because of you. You’ve pampered your brat till this extent. Seeing too much films instead of studying. Hopeless fellow.”

Vivaan’s head was hung down in shame.

” Bhai sahab, please forgive Vivaan. I am sure he would not do this again.” Monika’s aunt said.

“What are you saying? He does not deserve to be forgiven. Chaudhary sahab, you’re scolding him right. Both of you are at an important part of your life, especially you Monika. Complete your studies, get a job then think about romancing.” Monika’s uncle said, ” From now on, you would not meet each other, nor in school. Is that clear?”

Monika and Vivaan looked at each other

“Is that clear?” He asked more sternly.

Both of them nodded their heads and parted ways. Both the ladies gave pathetic looks to each other and went on with their work.

Both the families led their normal routine lives. A year passed and Monika have her Board exams and came out with flying colors. Her chacha-chachi were very happy for their child but on the other side to it Vivaan did not have a good result. Mr. Chaudhary began cursing Monika for that.

“There is no use talking ill about that child. She has already undergone a setback in her life as she lost her parents. We have known Monika since a long time and we should be happy for her success.” Mrs. Chaudhary explained.

“And what about our child. Vivaan would not have got poor result because of that girl. Had that girl not been there in our lad’s life, he could have got better results for sure.”

Mrs. Chaudhary scoffed and went from there.

Monika and her uncle came to their house for giving sweets on her results. Mrs. Chaudhary gave blessings to her. Mr. Chaudhary was not elated by seeing them.

“You would be satisfied Monika, by downgrading Vivaan.”

Monika,her uncle and Mrs. Chaudhary were stunned.

“Uncle what are you talking about? As per your’s and chacha’s saying, I stayed away from Vivaan. Even I’m sad due to his poor performance. And why would I wish bad things for him?”

“Mind your language, Chaudhary sahab!” Monika’s uncle warned.

“Why should I? You should mind your niece.”

Mrs. Chaudhary was getting worried and Monika’s uncle was getting red due to anger.

” Chacha, uncle please calm down. And uncle, it was Vivaan who had called me. And even if you had not listened our talks, I was about to say no to him.”

Uncle did not say anything. He took the sweets and congratulated her and gave blessings to succeed in her endeavours.

Monika got admission in a good college and was studying Philosophy, which she wanted to. Vivaan had taken Arts.

Monika had to go by train to her college and she went to the station with her cycle, which she left at the station’s parking. Sometimes she passed by her school and met her teachers. One day, Vivaan saw her, Monika also saw him.

Vivaan gave her grumpy looks. She thought ,” You cannot change what has happened Vivaan and I have nothing to do with it.”

Life was going easy. Monika had made friends in college and was having a gala time and Vivaan also became occupied with his friends.

Monika was coming home from station. She decided to have some milkshake which she brought from her favorite Pankaj Dairy. The owner Pankaj Kumar knew Monika very well as her Chachi came to buy dairy from him. As she was waiting for her milkshake, a strong smell came and a man banged onto Monika’s arm. His physique told that he regularly goes to gym. He apologized to her and talked to Pankaj Kumar for sometime. Then he left.

“Who was he?”

“Vaibhav.  He is trying his hands at modelling.”

“Modelling.” Monika iterated.


“There’s something I find suspicious about this person.”

“His deo?”

“Oh no! I just found that as I observed him. And yes, gym freaks like him use strong smell.”

He nodded.

” And what has happened between you and Vivaan?”

“It’s better if we don’t talk about it, right? And I’m very happy with my college friends. So why bother about him? And even he doesn’t care.”

Monika paid for the drink and was drinking it.

“That Vaibhav is behind Vivaan for some reason.”

Monika stopped drinking and asked,” What for?

“God knows.”

” But how did you get to know about it?”

“Vaibhav was asking about a person who had same physical description as Vivaan. So that is why I guessed.”

“It could be someone else also.”

“No I don’t think so. The clothes he described, I have often seen Vivaan wearing those.”

“Okay then. Let’s see what happens.”

Monika went from there. On the way, she saw Vaibhav with Vivaan’s friend Manish. Vivaan had made him propose Monika as well. But Monika refused, seeing Vivaan’s trick behind it.

Monika went towards Home.

Next day was very well for Monika. She had great time with her friends as they went for shopping after their lectures got over. From there Monika took train and was coming back home. She was humming the actress Sridevi’s number,”. Hawa Hawaii.”

She was so grossed in her happy thoughts that she rammed her cycle on Vivaan who was walking with his friend Manish.

Perhaps Vivaan was frustrated over something and this bang by his now-enemy turned his frustration to aggression.

“Can’t you see while you drive? Were you drunk or what? Oh, now I get it. You are in a mood to seek revenge.”

” Vivaan bro, calm down.”

“Haha Vivaan why are you projecting your feelings on me?”

Vivaan gave her ferocious looks.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I would not do this again.” And she drove her cycle faster due to embarrasment and went away.

She wrote in her diary,

” I had an absolute merriment today with Shalini, Ruchi and Lakshmi. Undoubtedly being with friends makes everything better. But today I rammed onto Vivaan. I was so busy calling myself Hawa Hawaii that it happened.

Since that proposal incident he has been ferocious at me. I never wanted this to happen. I am sure he must be cursing me each and every moment he thinks of me. I never want anyone to think bad of me if anyone recollects the memories with me. I will drive cycle with alertness always.”

Next day, all her lectures were cancelled so she did not go to college. So she studied, then she went on to the balcony with her phone and headset to listen songs.

Till then she saw Vaibhav coming towards her house riding on a bike. She thought to herself, ” I have seen this bike somewhere.”

She contemplated then she recollected, ” Oh! This is Vivaan’s bike! But what was it doing with this guy.” She thought.

She remembered the dairy owner saying Vaibhav is behind Vivaan for some reason. Is Vivaan in some trouble?

“But why should I care?” Monika thought.

Then Vaibhav stopped the bike at Vivaan’s house and blew the horn so loud that Monika was troubled even though she wore headsets.

Monika began looking at that direction. Vivaan came out and as their houses were diagonally opposite to each other, it was difficult for her to figure out what was exactly happening.

She brought her binoculars to see. The way Vaibhav was conversing with Vivaan did not seem casual. Vivaan was also rebelling against Vaibhav’s statement and Vaibhav then held Vivaan’s T-shirt and was giving some sort of warning to Vivaan.

Then he was leaving but surprisingly he didn’t even return Vivaan’s bike. Then Vaibhav went from the same route he came and met Monika’s glance at him.

“I need to find out who this guy Vaibhav is. Then maybe I can find out what link does he have with Vivaan. Cause I know Vivaan won’t tell me anything.”

The next day, Monika had her college. It was evening as she had a long gap. As she was going home. She saw Vivaan walking ahead and he dropped his phone in front of Monika’s eyes. Vivaan was walking ahead and Monika took the phone and was running towards Vivaan and was shouting, ” Vivaan! Vivaan!”

At that time an SUV came behind her, a hand took the phone and pushed Monika and she fell from her cycle. She had got hurt. And as she saw the reason behind her fall she saw Vaibhav saying, “Until next time, sweetheart.” Sounds of laughter were also coming.

Vivaan looked towards Monika but didn’t help her. Instead he gave a smile. Monika was shocked by her reaction. Monika somehow got up. She did not say anything to Vivaan who was staring at her.

“You better stay out of my business, girl.”

A girl came towards Vivaan whom Monika did not know. Vivaan was talking with that girl with a smile. Then he turned towards Monika and showed her thumbs down.

Monika who was hurt physically, was hurt mentally as well. She began to cry. And went back home.

Her aunt and uncle were shocked by seeing Monika in that condition. She lied that her cycle stumbled, so she fell. She was afraid to tell the actual reason as there was Vivaan involved in it.

She wrote in her diary,

” Vivaan is frustrated because of his father and since he cannot do that, he is venting his anger on me. The friendship between us has been converted to hatred. But I want to find out about this mysterious character of Vaibhav. Who is he? What link does he have with Vivaan? Why has he confiscated  Vivaan’s bike? And did Vivaan want Vaibhav to steal his phone? But why? Vivaan is in trouble but he is hiding it due to his over-smartness. But no matter what, I will find it out.”