It is a story about struggle of a small boy who’s life get change after an accident. He lost every hope to get back to his normal life. But nature help him out, an incident that change his life and he get motivated.


Life is an interesting journey. It shows so much twist and turn that no one can predict. Old memories get fade and new memories take place instead. Just like that, it’s happened with Rohan, a 16 year boy of his own thoughts.

Rohan was a fun loving boy, who always use to play with his friends and his little sister of 11. He was a bright and brilliant student in his academics. He was very close to his father, but he was loved by both father and mother so much. His father and mother both had their jobs, so they don’t get time to spend together, so for that every month they used to visit places like dinner in hotels, restaurants and enjoys with each other company. Being together with his whole family make Rohan feels complete and satisfied.

Last month of the year came. Rohan and his family decided to make a trip to Delhi after Christmas night. They spend Christmas day in Kolkata, by visiting their family church. And after enjoying whole day, at night they pack their bags. They were all excited because it was their first trip to Delhi, by travelling through a flight. They have a flight on 5:30am from Dum Dum airport, so they get ready about 3 o’clock in morning and they take their sits on their luxurious Tata Sumo. Rohan father plays a morning bhakti song on music player. Rohan as usual playing with his sister and teasing her. Time to time his sister get irritated and complain to her mother.

His sister Alexis to her mother,” Mom see na… Bhaiya is making fun of me again”.

His mom,” Rohan, why did you tease your sister every time”.

Rohan said,” no mom!! Alexis telling you a lie”.

They continue their amusing activities. His father feeling little bit difficulty while driving because of morning fog. He applied break as signal turns red and in a short space of time a drunk truck driver hit their car and a darkness spread overs Rohan’s eye.

After few hours, Rohan try to open his eye, he hardly able to see anything but after few second he found himself in a hospital. Luckily his sister was absolutely okay but a little bit fear reflect on her eyes and his father and mom get few scratches on head and legs. But in a blink Rohan did not able to feels his legs. He get anxious and touch his leg, and he feel it but can’t move it. Tears start shining over his eyes, he was not able to utter any word. His mother hold his hand controlling her own tears and she told him that not to warry, everything will be fine. At the same moment doctor told that he will be fine but for few days Rohan need to take rest and doctor calls Rohan’s father into his chamber.

After a short conversation the doctor came to the point and told Rohan’s father that his son’s one leg has get paralyzed and it is very critical that he can walk again.

But there is a way that can bring Rohan to get back his strength on his leg. If he himself focus on his leg to move it, then there is a chance that he again get control over his legs. By listening this, his father’s become very emotional and leave the chamber. But before entering to the compartment of Rohan he made himself strong so that he can support his own family.
Rohan lost his self-confidence and he starts feeling being alone. His family try everything to make him feel better but Rohan lost every scope of hope that he can ever able to walk on his own. He start to lock himself in his room, even he not allow his little sister to enter in his room. One month passed Rohan remains same, he only come out for his basic needs, his parents feels sympathy for his son’s condition but they get tired to regain their old son back. So at last Rohan’s father decided for a trip again, and somehow he manage Rohan to join them to a nearby Alipore Zoological Gardens. When they reached their, his little sister Alexis ask for an ice cream. So they wait for his father aside near the entrance of that zoo and Rohan continuously observing a stray dog nearby who has one leg missing its seems that the dog had effected by some accident and lost his one leg permanently.

Rohan observing that the dog was trying to climb over a wall of dustbin but did not able to get hold due to his one leg. Every time dog jumps over it and fall apart. It continuously try to reach over that wall but fails. Rohan father came back with ice cream and distribute it.

Rohan take his ice cream and take a bit and again his eye went to that dog. The dog still trying to went in to that dustbin. After so much attempt, at last that dog make his way somehow into that dustbin. Rohan eye just stick their and he get socked. And all of a sudden he realise something which brings a little smile on his face and a shining confidence to his eyes. After that incident Rohan’s life again take a turn and within in 5 month he was able to gain his strength of his leg back. Now he again can able to walk. And he never forget that incident that give him inspiration that “As long as he think that he can do it, it will work out somehow” When Rohan start believing in himself everything get change.

“Life is mostly forth and bubble, Two things stand like a stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble, And courage in your own.”