This story is all about a boy named Utkarsh who is not satisfied with his usual life and encounters a situation where he realises and comes back to his normal life and leads it in a satisfied way.


           Since childhood, Utkarsh was a normal boy with no happiness in his life. Even though he was given with all the requirements needed and comforts needed he was never satisfied with what he have .

“He was never satisfied even though he was gifted with required comforts.”

On his 18th birthday his parents, his near and dear family friends planned a small surprise party for him which included usual cake cutting and party crackers.

The very next morning, he had an oil bath followed by blessings from elders of his family and went to college. At college he was gifted with many gifts by all of his friends and this didn’t give a flavour to his happiness and more over he felt this 18th birthday will be one of his usual part of routine of his life. He was later blessed by all of his teachers. 

“He was blessed by his parents , family members and teachers.”

He planned to give all of his friends a small party as a token of memory on this day and then took them to a normal restaurant which is fine dined, well maintained and clean. All had their seats at the corner of restaurant which is specially designed with low light for small parties. In addition to their favourite dishes all of them ordered many specials that the restaurant could provide.

They had a hearty meal with the specials provided and all their favourites were left half eaten as they were full. They shared their good experiences, few misunderstandings and few good memories which they had among them and had a chit chat until sun set and left to their homes.

“They had good time with a hearty meal and left to their homes.”

Utkarsh reached his home within a couple of minutes as it is nearby to restaurant. His mother then remembered that he didn’t go to temple today and arranged a basket of flowers with two coconuts and sent him to temple. He booked a cab as the temple is far from his home. The cab arrived and he boarded the cab. As he had a big day he was dead tired and fell asleep memorising the complete day.

Unfortunately it happened that he boarded a wrong cab. By the time he woke up he realised that he was left in a remote area. He was left with no money and there were no network signals available in that area. He had a long walk for a couple of hours and he was completely exhausted. Within no time he was dehydrated.

“He boarded a wrong taxi and was left in a remote area with no money.”

In that situation he just left all his hopes on his life and luckily he was observed by two boys who had unfair complexion with dark skin tone, uneven teeth and partially dressed with torn clothes. These boys had pot of water on their back and some hand full of food which they were carrying. They served Utkarsh with utmost love hoping for him to regain his lost energy and setting him back to his home.

This created wonder in Utkarsh’s life, that handful of food and pot of water that those poor boys served him was the best meal which gave him immense satisfaction restoring him with lost energy. He was then guided back to the city by those poor boys.

“That handful of food and pot of water was the best meal that he ever had which gave him immense satisfaction.”

Once he reached home he saw his worried parents love for him, his friends love and realised that they all include the best part of his life. This realisation lighted his dull life and added a piece of activeness with satisfaction.

“He started to live a satisfied life.”

Thus, this situation taught him a good lesson and From then he took a small resolution. Whenever he came up with any of the situation where he may left out with food either at home, in some event or party he took the initiative step and distributed it to Orphanages, old age homes and to people where he see any one in need for food so that it would help a lot for their sustenance which in return gave him immense satisfaction and brought happiness to his life by serving them.

         “Tough situations gives you the best part of your life.”