In the valley of endearment

On the mountains of thoughts

I remember you

Like a cloud that had never stopped

Or like a ray which will never illuminate

The paths of my fate

I have been seeking for you

Since I was placed in Eden

I have been seeking for you

In the blazing heat of Arab

And it was me who created that river for you

And it was me who didn’t open his eyes

When you hid those arrows somewhere I didn’t know

My fate had become like a dangling empire

Between the thoughts of you and us

I do not blame my fate

I do not blame myself

I blame the god which is no one but you

From lives as Adam through Qays in Arab

I am still struggling to see that smile of yours

Which I didn’t find either in Eve or in Layla

Your beauty is what I never saw

But my heart has witnessed the greatness of yours

In the battles I’ve fought, at the times I ve lost

I ve felt your hand upon my shoulder and your love making me stronger

In my dreams I have wondered

Your beautiful eyes

Which must be as beautiful as a thunder

And your curly hair as beautiful as a sea

In which I want to slumber

Slumber like Vishnu

Forever and ever

And interweaving my soul within yours

Like a light in thunder