There lived a girl in small town of Kerala who was born in middle class family. She always grew up beside her guardian and her parents were working in another place. She always wanted to spend her birthday with her parents because most of the time she didn’t have a chance to see her parents and spend quality time with them. Nevertheless it didn’t happened because her mother worked as a nurse and unfortunately she would have an emergency delivery case every single time on her birthday. It happend regularly and it became her obsession .  Her only happiness is atleast her father visited her regularly and showered her with love. Everything started changing when she was studying higher secondary because, she lost her father at that time due to heart attack. She was devastated. Even though,she did spend her time with her mother after this, the loss of father love made her depressed and she didn’t realise her mother love for her. Her mother also wanted her daughter to live happily without any,she didn’t let her know anything about her troubles she had at her work and the financial crisis and also her health condition. Due to these things,her mother also didn’t take proper care of her body which leads her to have a diabetes and she didn’t take her medication properly which also leads to various physical problems such as chest pain etc. The girl doesn’t know anything about it.when she came to know about her mother situation.She felt ashamed of herself for neglecting her mother and only caring about oneself. Then,she finally started reflecting herself and also started to take Care of her mother properly and also help her with her work matters. The mother felt happy for her daughter . Finally the mother and daughter lived happily ever after.