A chaotic Monday morning in a middle class home. Amma was busy rolling out parathas while Appa was engrossed within the sheets of newspaper . And I, a 2nd grader , pumped up with energy was heading towards my next mission.

I silently walked on my tiptoes  to grab Amma’s new red liquid lipstick. “Oh shit, Amma’s payal, she is coming ,act normal .” I picked up comb and started brushing my own fountain ponytail .”Good acting, Amma couldn’t tell.” I quickly grabbed the lipstick and ran towards my room. 

“Drawing sheets, paintbrushes, a rag, what else I need , I guess I am missing upon something ” I mumbled to myself . “Ah steel plate for palette .” I rolled the lipstick under the drawing sheets so that even if Appa or Amma come, they can’t catch me spoiling lipstick .”Although I won’t spoil it . Just require a small amount to paint the roses I drew . Amma would not buy me watercolor set as she thinks I will soon get bored of it .” I said to myself. 

I went to kitchen and picked up the plate and then Amma said ” You are going to have apples that I have sliced for you?” “Of course  Amma ” I said . But I was fully focused on finishing my painting, ditched the apples and quickly came back to my room,  got settled down and started painting. Dipped the tip of paintbrush first in water and then in lipstick and then with a beating heart ,I placed the  paintbrush on the drawing and started painting . “Woah ! I really did a good job .” I exclaimed while holding the painting upwards proudly . Soon I was so engrossed that had completely forgotten about Amma . 

The door creaked open and there came Amma looking for me . My face turned pale and the first thought that cam across my mind was, ‘now Appa can only save me’. Amma’s anger gave in as she saw the painted sheets . She gently stroked my hairs and asked me what was I doing . I explained her everything and she burst out in laughter . She said that I could have desperately asked her to buy me watercolors instead of doing this. I laughed sheepishly. The whole drama I had created was narrated to Appa and he too burst out in laughter over my silliness. 

The very same evening Amma took me to stationary shop in nearby locality and over there I bought my very first set of ‘Rangeela tempera colors’ and I still remember , I held it very proudly promising that I will create wonders with it . This memory never fails to bring a smile on my face and still holds a special place at the bottom of my heart.