One day little jenny went to market with her parents. Her bright twinkling eyes moved from left  to right looking every thing displayed on the shops. 

It’s  her first time in a market, her eyes  curiously looking around the food stalls,toys,clothes that are on displays.

“Mom look at that toy isn’t it so cute”  jenny said looking at cute princess doll. When she see something she like she would show that to her parents exitedly.Finally she stop at place and gape at something.

“Dad look at that cake it’s look yummy, i want that cake”jenney point her finger at a cake that is on display of a bakery.

Her father looked at jenny and said that he will  buy her that cake some other time.

“But i want it now”jenny asked again. Her mother convinced her that her father will buy that some other time and take her hand to move to next shop.

Jenny looked at the cake reluctantly but went with her mother.Then she forget about cake  when her dad buy her a cotton candy. 

After her parents buy the things they need they want to return home.But they can’t find jenny,they get worried and start looking all over the place. They find her in the nearest shop looked at something.

When they reach her they find her looking at a dress. when they called her name she looked at them and show them the dress hapily and ask them to buy that dress.

“Jenny why are you running around, do you know how worried we are” her mom said angrily, then start to  bring her out of the shop.

Jenny looked at that dress and try to ask her mother but stop seeing her mother angry face.

Even after one month jenny can’t forget that dress and feel disappointed. Then comes her birthday, even though jenny wearing a new dress she still think about that dress she saw on market.

When she reach home that evening from school. Jenny surprised to see the cake infront of her.

“Happy birthday jenny,do you like the cake”her dad asked smilingly 

Then suddenly her dad close her eyes when they opened again a bright blue dress is infront of her with patterns just like clouds and little glitter that shining brightly as stars.

Jenny smiled happily at the dress brightly and her mother who is holding that dress 

“Do you like the dress”her mother asked looking at her smiling face.

“I like this dress mommy”jenny said while hugging her mother.