Aakash is a very studious boy. He doesn’t know much about the outside world. Because of his strict parents, he never watched a movie but hearing his classmates talking about movies he desires to watch one. He decides to watch without their knowledge. He likes it and keeps doing the same every time skipping his classes. His class teacher notices this and decides to take the matter into hands. Will she be able to set things right?

Aakash is in ninth standard. He is a very good student and always tops in the class. Be it a small test or a big one he always worked hard to excel. In spite of all this, he is very down-to-earth. His parents were the main reason for being what he is. They firmly believe that going out with friends or watching TV will distract him from his studies and they always refrained him from doing any of these.

Aakash was always so engrossed with his studies that he never went out or watched a movie.

One day when he was busy writing down his notes in the classroom he heard his classmates talking.

“Hey, Raj! Did you watch the movie yesterday? It was so good”- Rishi was saying

“Oh yes! I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world. I’m the hero’s biggest fan after all”-Rishi said.

“Oh god! I was rolling on the floor with laughter especially at the scene where …”- Ram joined them until he was cut-off by the teacher who entered the classroom.

“Good Morning class!” the teacher smiled.

Settling at their places the students said-“Good Morning ma’am”.

Miss. Shalini started her class. But Aakash’s mind was somewhere else.

“Are movies really that good? I want to watch one”, Aakash was thinking.

Later after reaching home that day, he went to his father who was busy reading newspaper and said-“Dad! Can we get a TV?”

Folding his newspaper his father said-“You cannot study if you watch TV. Your mom and I aren’t watching TV for you but you want it. What kind of people are you getting along with? Whoever put that idea into your head? I will come talk to your teacher tomorrow.”

Dauntingly Aakash said-“Sorry dad! I just…, I don’t want any TV. Please don’t come to my school.” He went to his room and started studying.

The next day Aakash was in class. With head bent over in his notebook, he was writing something when he heard Rishi talking-“We are going today evening. No changes in the plan.”

Raj and Ram nodded their heads. Aakash kept looking at them with piqued interest. Noticing him, Ram asked-“What Aakash? Do you want to join us?”

Terrified he said-“Oh no! I’m dead meat if my dad comes to know about this.”

“Whoever is asking you to tell your dad. Just come today without informing anyone. After all, you aren’t going to miss anything just for one day. The movie we are going is very nice. We will give the money.”-Raj said.

With their abetment, Aakash decided to go the movie. He really liked his first experience. He was ecstatic and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

“It is like a breeze of fresh air in my very mundane life,” he thought to himself. After the movie, he went home. He said that there was a special class because of which he was late. His parents believed him.

From that very day, Aakash lost his interest in his studies. He started going to a movie every week. He lied to his parents about buying new books and got the money. This showed a clear reflection on his marks. Although his parents didn’t notice it much his class teacher noticed the change in his behavior and marks. However, Aakash tried to escape stating some or the other reason.

One day Miss Shalini noticed Aakash coming out of a theater when she was coming back from school. She knew there was a class now.

Waving at him she moved towards him. Aakash was stunned and before he knew what to do she came to him and asked-“ Aakash! Aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?”

“I just wanted to watch a movie. There is no TV at my house also my parents won’t allow me to go watch a movie. So I came here without their knowledge, I’m sorry”-he said abashedly.

Miss Shalini wasn’t angry at him. In fact, she felt sorry for him. She said-“ Aakash! Go to class for now. I know how you feel but what you have done isn’t correct. I will talk to your parents tomorrow.”

Aakash walked towards his school. The next day Aakash’s father went to his school as he was called by his class teacher.

“Please sit down Mr. Kumar, I wanted to talk about Aakash”, Miss. Shalini said pointing towards a chair.

Sitting down he asked-“What about him?”

“If you have noticed, your son’s grades are gradually falling down; do you know the reason why?”-she asked.

“Yes! I wanted to talk to you about the same. I don’t know. Do you have any idea why?”-he asked.

“I’m sorry to say this sir but I think you are being too strict with him. It is very common for children of his age to desire for little things. He loves watching movies. But I have heard you do not allow him. I think indirectly showing upon his marks.”-she said.

“Ma’am, what is this? We only want him to study well. How can we be the reason if he doesn’t want to study? Is it wrong to bring him up with discipline?”-he retorted.

“Discipline is a good thing, sir, but not over-discipline. It isn’t correct that children be abstained from little pleasures of life in the name of discipline. It’s not that he isn’t interested in studies; it’s just that he wants to satisfy his little desires. Why don’t you take him to a movie every month? Then he won’t even have to lie.”


She further continued-“If you stop him from doing something his curiosity for that thing will only increase. If you take him to a movie, he will slowly know what’s important. ”

Aakash’s father kept pondering over what his class teacher said while driving his car. After reaching home he discussed it with his wife. His wife also agreed with what she said. He decided to follow her words.

That Sunday he said-“Aakash, get ready. Let’s go watch a movie.”

Agog, Aakash walked into his room to get ready.