This story is a love story where food makes a boy and girl fall in love as they join a new university and move to different towns.


We Indians love food, don’t we? It’s very beautiful to even imagine that we Indians are so multicultural and we within our territory alone have so many cuisines to try!

I am from a small town, Bhubaneswar, have you heard of it? Well it’s the smartest city of India. My boyfriend is a Malayali. Vishal is a typical Thrissur guy. He loves Putta and Kadala, Appam and Motta curry. We went to Malabar Bay for our first date exactly after a month of college. I never knew it was a date! I thought we are just new friends, hanging out for lunch. Back then I was very shy and rigid at the same time. Little that I knew that Malabar bay was a Malayali restaurant. I am an Odia and we live to eat. Give us anything, chicken, mutton or fish we want it spicy and tasty. I hate trying new things especially food dishes and he wanted me to try some fish curry.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel helpless? Yes there I was and that’s exactly how I felt.

“Chetta, Rand fish curry, rand chapatti and one plate jeera rice, fine no Pratikshya?”

“Yeah ofcourse Vishal” Said I.

Even the waiters are Malayalis? I was wondering as the food arrived. It looked delicious! But wait, I didn’t care about the looks, I cared about the taste and coconut oil based curry was so not my thing. In the midst of all this overthinking, I almost forgot to notice how cute Vishal was. Those puppy eyes and fluffy cheeks were very attractive. The first time I felt something for him was when he was serving me food.

“Let me serve you, after all its my cuisine that you are going to try” Said he. “Eat with hands”

We Odia’s might be belonging from a state which is not so developed but we sure want to eat with spoon. But that day was different. I wanted to be a part of his culture. I wanted to melt down and be a part of his tradition. I washed my hands and started eating. The food was delicious and let me not explain about the food now!

After the food, deep down through his gestures, behaviour and smile I knew that I had fallen for him but I wondered if he did too. We gave side hugs to each other and went back to our respective hostels. I was held up at my Mama’s place for the weekend and couldn’t text or call him. I was kind of feeling bad that things started a little between us but then it stopped. I consoled myself and well, moved on. Not really though!

Monday was a stupid day, like every other Mondays. I didn’t want to go to college and I was tired after the amazing weekend. I went to college tired and entered the class. There he was. Sitting, keeping place for me. Our eyes met and it was love all over again.

I am presently in my 3rd year now. College will get over in 2 months and this guy is sitting next to and blushing while I type this short story.