Radha and Raj are recently blessed with a baby boy. They are very happy. However, Radha decides to quit her job. But Raj doesn’t want her to. What he does for her is the crux of the story.


Radha was deep in her thoughts. She snapped out of her avalanche of thoughts upon hearing her baby cry. She moved towards his cradle. Upon seeing his mom’s face, the baby gave a cute and bright smile.

The smile was infectious. Radha too broke into a smile and thought -“What could be more important than him? I have been temporizing unnecessarily.” She took the baby into her arms and patted it warmly.

That day afternoon, after Raj returned home from the office, she told him her decision.

“Raj! I decided to quit my job. I want to look after our child and for that, I think this is the best thing we can do.”-she said.

“Are you sure Radha? You have worked so hard to get this job. After all getting a government job isn’t easy these days.”-he said.

Radha nodded. Raj looked at her. There was no sense of regret on her face. She was happy with her decision.

The next day Raj was driving to his office. He was lost in his own world. He remembered the first time he saw Radha. Theirs was an arranged marriage. He wasn’t interested in marriage but his parents forced him.

They said-“Raj! Let’s just go see the girl. If you don’t like her we will not force you again.”

Raj agreed. After-all he wants to put an end to his parents continuous nagging. He was bound to reject the girl, he thought to himself.

However, after meeting Radha and talking to her his decision changed. He took an instant liking towards her, her opinions and her nature. Soon they were married and very recently blessed with a baby boy.

Radha was on maternity leave all this time. But now that the leave is over she has to go back to work.

“Radha really loves her job also she has worked very hard towards it. She may very soon even get a promotion. At this time she wants to quit her job.”- He thought to himself.

“But maybe I can help her, yes I can do that”- Raj thought to himself smiling as an idea struck him.

That day afternoon upon reaching home, Raj looked for Radha. He made her sit down beside him. Holding her hands he said-“Dear Radha! I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”-she asked slightly surprised.

“Well, I have decided to quit my job. I have always known you have loved your job and you worked very hard for it. Bringing up our child is my responsibility too. So I will take care of him and you needn’t worry about anything.”

Radha looked at him reassuringly and said-“Thank you Raj!”

Raj brought up his son very well. Sometimes he was ridiculed by some of his relatives about him being a house husband and that he left his job only because he was lazy.

He was never discouraged by them and all he had to say was this-“With changing times our mindset has to change too. Our generation is open towards supporting women in all aspects and can encourage them if they are better than us.”

As time passed Radha got promoted to a higher post. Their son grew up and started going to school. Raj got a job as a lecturer

Once she was asked to give an interview.

The interviewer asked-“Ma’am what is the reason behind your success?”

She smiled and said-“It’s not ‘what’ but ‘who’. The question must be who is the reason behind my success? My husband Raj is the reason behind my success. Had he not encouraged me to go on with my job, I wouldn’t have been here today. Just like there is a woman behind every man’s success there can also be a man behind every woman’s success and my husband has proved it. I’m very proud of him”