Rosa and Frieda though there were twins by birth but their characters belonged to two opposite poles. They were born in a middle class family. Rosa has all the good qualities, which are expected to all the parents. She was a studious, well mannered and also had other extraordinary qualities .

She was boon to her family.

On the other hand Frieda! Oh what to tell about her. She only knows how to enjoy her life no matter in which way.  Her aim was only to explore all those things, which are not permissible in a disciplined society. She runs away miles from the study books. Does not like to do anything, which can please her parents or teachers.

Frieda always had an eye on the things belongs to others and grab them by hook or crook. She did not believe on hard work or honesty.

These two flower and thorn were belonged to the garden of Henry and Mary .

Their home was a picture of the typical middle class family. Henry use to work in a mobile company and Mary was a school teacher. Both of them were working hard to meet the ends.

As it was expected Rosa finished her studies with flying colors gaining good marks in the academy . Frieda just got an average marks in the academy . After their education Rosa started her business in a mobile company named Run and Frieda started working as a disco dancer and both of them were got established in their respective fields .

Their parents were ready to arrange the marriage of their daughters. Rosa got married to a businessman named Richard. Richard was the classmate of Rosa. After finishing the education Richard joined his father’s T.V. company. Frieda got married to Max, who was a bartender in a disco where Frieda use to dance .

After the marriage also Rosa was still working as a businesswoman in Run company whereas Frieda was still wasting the money in the intoxicating things.

One day Max was removed from the bar due to which the financial condition of the couple got worsened. Max and Frieda were trying to get help from others but they succeeded in doing so . In the end they went to Rosa and Richard for the help. Richard and Rosa explained Max and Frieda that life is not just   for fun and entertainment. Max and Frieda realized their mistake . They wanted to change their attitude for their better life.

Richard employed Max in Sunny T.V. and Rosa gave Frieda an opportunity to work in Run company. Frieda and Max gave resolution to Richard and Rosa that they will work in a sincere manner .

On the next day Max and Frieda in Sunny and Run company and their standard of living got increased.