This story is about a girl who fell in love with a boy who was unfortunately a serial killer. The girl married him and about a month later came to know the reality. She tries to get rid of him but he left no way to do so. But at last the girl succeeds.


“Today dear students, we will discuss something off topic. We all are here with a motive. Is there anyone without it? ” the students were sitting with poker faces as the professor of the Art and Science Collage spoke.

“May I come in sir?” said a boy at the entrance of the classroom.

“Yes, you must be the new comer the principal was speaking about.”

“Yes sir, I am Varun.” The boy introduced himself as he sat down on his seat.

“Welcome Varun. So class let us go back to where we ceased. We all are here to fulfil what we dreamt when we were small. We all want to be an engineer. We even have accomplished it to some extent. Thus, as a result of our hard work we are at the last stage of collage, ’THE LAST YEAR’. But according to my experience I have seen students lose their dreams because they do not work hard. Always remember life never offer anyone the second chance… it’s always NOW OR NEVER….. ”

The professor went on speaking about his experiences. On other corner of the class Pari, a girl with dreams got her dream man- Varun, the new comer. Her eyes cannot resist but see his charming and most handsome face one has ever seen.

“Just look at him. He is so cool. He is surely the one made for me.” Pari said to her friend sitting nearby.

“You say this for every new man you see, Pari.” replied her friend.

Finally the lecture was over and it was time when all the students would be seen in the canteen. Pari was with her friends when an unknown voice called her name. She turned back and was surprised to see Varun calling her.

“I saw you looking at me in the class. Can we be friends?” Varun asked in his most charming voice.

“Yeah, sure.” She replied excitedly.

“May I have your attention please all the students and professors…” announced the principal over the intercom,” I deeply regret to say that our watchman who worked for our institution for many years died today in the morning. It is a murder case. His body was thrown in the veranda of collage. ”

As the announcement got over all the students were left in shock and grief.

“Don’t worry everyone has to go one day. Today was his day…” Varun spoke to everyone present there.

This puzzled everyone for there was no sign of grief on Varun’s face.

Days passed by…Varun and Pari started loving each other and were in day while they were bunking the lecture, Pari’s father saw them. A court was organised in Pari’s home. Her father was the judge and she was the criminal. But judgement was done in her favour. Her parents agreed for their marriage.

In the outside world the news channels were full of frequent murders taking place in their city. News spread about the serial killer roaming freely. Everyone feared going out.

But Pari’s life was far from this bitter mishap. She was going to marry the love of her life.

Time passed… conditions in the city getting worse and Pari’s life becoming better day by day. She was now a happy married woman with a loving husband.

One day, she decided to surprise her husband by delivering the tiffin box herself to Varun’s office. When she reached there, the receptionist informed her that he took a half day leave.

Pari wondered where her beloved husband may be and sat in her car to return home. Meanwhile on the corner of road she saw Varun’s car parked. It was a forest area. She went inside the forest hoping Varun must be safe. But she was flabbergasted to see her calm husband with a knife in hand full of blood and a man lying there injured. She was too shocked to understand what was going on.

“Oh dear, so now you have seen it all.” Varun said as he saw Pari standing there, shocked. “If you were someone else I would have killed you too. But you are my life I cannot kill you.”

“Are you insane, Varun? What have you done to him? Take him to the hospital” she shouted.

“Darling, it is fun. I have killed so many. You should also try one.”

“Oh my god! You are the serial killer everyone is afraid of. And I am living with you for almost a year!”

“Yes darling you are.” Varun laughed in the most villainous manner.

He dragged Pari into his car, took her to home and locked her in their bedroom. “I am sorry dear I don’t want to do this to you but you have forced me.”

For many days she was with a monster locked inside, unable to do anything and afraid. But everyone has his day.

One day Varun forgot his phone at home and went to office. Pari got an opportunity to get rid of him. But alas she was too afraid, her hands shivered as she picked up the phone to call for help. She stood there, still thinking what to do. Then she remembered the words of professor –

“Always remember life never offer second chance, it’s always now or never” today was her first and last chance. She called police for help.

Soon the police came to rescue her and caught the serial killer. Gladly everyone was safe again.