Ratanpur, a small quiet and calm town where every individual helps each other during the time of happiness or tragedy. Every festival or function happens with enjoyment and with the participation of all.  In a way we  can say this is a place of joy and  happiness.

The source of all happiness was Hamiz chacha. His snow-white hair and beard made him chacha for all five to fifty. Nobody could imagine any festivals without him. Naming ceremony to marriage or the last rituals of any one – Hamiz chacha’s presence and his advice is always there . People say that he served in the army and after retirement he settled down in Ratanpur. Chachi – a chatterbox , she can work and talk simultaneously . Her mouths gets rest during asleep at night. They have four children, two sons and two daughters .

But all the kids of the town are like their children. Hamiz chacha used to teach them English and Arithmatics.

On the day of Eid their home becomes the centre of attraction for all. The palatable sewai and biryani along with ten-ten rupees eidi to all children . He always use to say that ,”there are 2 kinds of knowledge , one which we learn from school and college and other which we get from our life.

In school and college , first we learn and give exams but in our life first we give exams and then learn . These days were passing like this.

After few years when Chacha got pneumonia then he was unable to get up from his death bed . One night he was running out of breath. Everyone understood that the death was knocking the door. Chachi sat near his bed consoling him that do you have any last wish tell me do not hesitate. Chacha replied that the piece of of farming land give it to Shakeel. Chachi replied that this land should be given to Khalid. Chacha however kept his control and then replied Ok! Then all the ornaments give to Nida , Chachi replied that Nida will unable to handle all the ornaments . I will give to Misbah. At the time of death Chacha lost the control and said that, “lets decide who will die first, you or me.”

This is called the Sense of Humour!

Don’t you think.